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Bless Ministries is commissioned by God, to partner with individuals and ministries to help develop personal ministry skills and gifts.  Our role is to come alongside and offer support with experience, ability, and resources to help people and ministry reach their goals and callings in Jesus Christ.  We move in the power of the Holy Spirit, using what we have, to help manifest the blessings of God in your life and ministry.

The greatest thing we do to help ministry is bringing spiritual awareness to every part of your ministry and family life.  We do this by leading you into a deeper understanding of how God blesses those who have committed to him.  Our assessment process shows us your needs and we can then point out what is available by the Lord through specific emails and guidance we give.  Our partnership provides different services united with joint prayer and spiritual enlightenment in things you might not be aware of.  We do not claim to be more than we are, but our unusual ministry has helped many around the world to gain a better understanding of God's blessings.  This is why we were commissioned by the Lord to do what we do.  All of our ministry partners are experiencing a greater understanding and power through the Holy Spirit as a result of our partnership services.  

Please continue to look through our webpages.   May you become blessed by the Holy Spirit as you see the hope and spiritual experiences that Bless Ministries of Mobile Alabama USA is having in the world.

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We want to thank Our Sponsors for all they do for us.

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Bay Minette, Alabama

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Christmas Lighting Professionals

And Mardi Gras Lighting Arrangements

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Education Devise Instalations


Prayer and Spiritual Counseling


Mobile, Alabama

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