Christ Apostolic Ministries of Pakistan

Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

I am Abdulmanan Shahbaz from Toba Tak Singh, Pakistan.  

My family and I minister the gospel as the pastor family in the Christ Apostolic Ministries of Pakistan.


Twenty-seven years ago I found myself as a disobedient son to old parents who had spent their lives trying to grow a Christian family.  Though my mother and father trained me to be a good Christian son, my bad habits became so much a part of my life I would be looked at as a big sinner.  I never appreciated the feelings of anyone; I was watching sexual movies of every kind; never liked going to church or attending prayer meetings because they were so boring;  was smoking sometimes;  but I never got into drinking alcohol.


In all of this God still took pity on me and one day my father told me a guest speaker was coming to the church from Canada.  I was not interested in going to hear him, but my family insisted on me going, so I went with them.  As the guest speaker shared the Word of God I started seeing my ugly face and my sin.  I wept that entire day.   As I opened myself up to the Lord I accepted that I was a sinner, repented of my sins, asked for forgiveness and I receive Jesus into my heart.  That evening I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.   Jesus showed his love to me and forgave me of all my sins.  There was a new  joy in my life which I had never experienced before.  The next day I was brought to a canal and was baptized in water, and now I will ware Him for the rest of my life.

Because of the great love Jesus had shown toward me, in 2001 I started sharing the Word of God with people everywhere, which gave me great pleasure.  From that time until now many souls have been saved.

My wife is Seraphine Shahbaz.  Before we married on November 15, 2001, Seraphine lived with her Catholic family.  She was a regular Sunday church visitor but did not really understand anything of God other than she knew He was working in her life.  After she finished her post graduate education she joined a NGO (non-government organization).  During the course of her job she saw the wonderful works of the Lord but still did not know Him.  In 1998 the city of Punjab was flooded.  Seraphine stayed and worked with the flooded villages supplying food and medicines for the people who were enduring the flood.  The entire time God saved her from dangerous snakes and heavy water.  Another time in February 2001 she was coming back from attending a meeting when the bus she was on hit a van and many of the passengers died, while she was completely safe.  Jesus was working for her good and yet she was not able to see His hand protecting her.  Even after we were married my wife refused to sit with me the pastors that would come visit with my family.  She would tell me that she did not have time to hear the discussions of my pastor friends.  She insisted that she could not accept my protestant faith and that she was ok with her Roman Catholic faith.  I made sure I never forced her.  Then in 2005 our church held a two day bible class and I request my wife to attend the classes.  Saraphine decided she would try to please me and attended.  As the Word of God was shared my wife's heart began to break and by the time we got to Psalm 119:167-174 she could not resist any longer and she was saved.  For the past eleven years my wife has been growing in her spiritual live and plays an important part of our ministry.