Agape Bless Ministries International

Bungoma, Kenya

Pastor Abel Barasa was born into a Christian family of nine children and received Jesus as his savior in 1994.  His interest toward ministry grew as he started learning more in the Bible and things of the Kingdom of God.  His local church started him as a co-worker under the leadership of their pastor.  In 2000 he received a vision form the Lord that lead him to begin a new church in a nearby school starting with five members.  The ministry today has grown to fifty members.

Pastor Abel and his wife Beatrice have two children, Jan and Caleb.

When they first started the ministry Pastor Abel reached out to a ministry in Detroit Michigan for guidance and help to name their ministry.  The Agape Ministries in Christ allowed Pastor Able to use their name so the ministry became Agape Ministries in Christ, Bungoma, Kenya.  They remained an independent ministry, building seven other branches churches in their region.

Their vision is to continue spreading the Word of God through crusades, conferences and evangelism, as the assist the needy and children in their surrounding areas.  They are accomplishing this by providing church laymen training and working to establish a school for needy children.  Their hope is to establish a home for children to care for the many children that are left with no hope or direction.

Because none of the eight churches under this ministry were formally established, Pastor Able connected with Bless Ministries Mobile USA and we were able to assist them to be established on August 24, 2016.  Now they have documents they can use to register with their local governments as Agape Bless Ministries International, Bungoma, Kenya.

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In 2016 the ministry expanded into the nation of Uganda where Pastor Abel has seen firsthand the difficulties that face refugees of war.  While on a three week tour to Uganda in December, he was able to visit some of the refugees in their camps.  Many of the people there were Muslims and they all heard the good news of Jesus Christ.  The mission tour enabled them to grow new work in the area of Koboko, near the Uganda and South Sudan boarders.

In addition to the expansion into other countries they are working to expand the local churches by using the teaches they receive from the Bless Ministries free online library, Manthano Library.  Pastor Abel is holding leadership conferences among the eight churches and sharing the Manthano lessons to help them grow in knowledge as they encourage good fellowship among them.  He is seeing the churches being strengthened in their spiritual life as they share their ideas and strategies for continued growth and expansion.