Believers of Christ Ministries of Pakistan

Khanewal, Pakistan

Pastor Akash Shahzad works with his entire family ministering the gospel and making disciples for the Kingdom of God.  He comes from a long history of people working in ministry starting with his Grandfather back in the 1940's;  then his father; and now Akash who is the pastor of their church.  The rest of his family works with him ministering which includes his sisters, brothers, and mother. 

The autonomy of the church is important to the disciples of the Believers of Christ Ministries.  They do not like the "big boss" type ministry they have seen in churches, so they work hard teaching all believers the truths of the Bible, not religious concepts and beliefs.  Their concepts are simple:  Church is a place for Christians to assemble together to worship God while learning the truths of the Bible.

Their main focus is Evangelism & Discipleship.   Pastor Akash expressed, "We are blessed that GOD has chosen us for HIS kingdom work in Pakistan, a we are doing a glorious work as we are winning souls.  Pakistan is inhabited by more than 100 million people.  Being one of the most populous nations in the world, the population density is tremendous.  Punjab is one of the largest states in south Pakistan, with 34 Districts. The people here want to hear the God's word; they also obey God's word when we teach them the truth in love."

Besides disciplining those who they reach through evangelism, it is the ministry's goal to educate people in the Bible and train people so they can have skills for working in or building a business.  This would open up their cities and villages to have a better economy while offering good education to the population.  To accomplish this the Believers of Christ Ministries is hosting a discipleship school they call Harvest Leadership School. 

They also want to start a Bible College as soon as possible.  The name of the school will be Manthano School of Ministries.  Pastor Akash is working with Bless Ministries of Mobile Alabama to open a Bible College that teaches students specifically for ministry.  Manthano School of Ministries is the vision of Pastor Johnny Holland, the President of Bless Ministries of Mobile.  Manthano is the Greek word  (ΜανΘανω) that means to learn, understand, to increase one’s knowledge.   This Bible College has a unique vision and style of teaching. Students come to learn, not be concerned about tests or grades.  The lessons are designed to be intense but the students are not motivated by a grade in order to complete their training. To see more about this school click this link:  

If your heart is touched by this exciting ministry to the people of Pakistan, and you would like to help Pastor Akash Shahzad in his vision, please make a donation by clicking the "Donate" button.   Your donation will go to the Believers of Christ Ministries of Pakistan. 

Please remember to pray for them as they continue reaching the people of this  historic country.

Vocational Training Center

We want to establish a vocational training center in order to provide skilled enhancement opportunities for women to become entrepreneurs.  The center will offer multiple skill courses such as sewing, cutting, knitting, embroidery, beauty therapists.  Each course is to be completed in three or six month durations.   We want to train up to thirty-five girls on quarterly basis.  The center will also facilitate women in learning skills other than offered in the center through develop linkages with other skilled women.

 Annie Rahmat 

Akash Shahzad's sister