I am Alakapudi Nageswararao who comes from a Hindu back ground.  I used to worship other gods until one day I came to know Jesus as my personal savior.   As I read in the Word of God I started looking around and noticed that many of the tribal people were suffering greatly and out of compassion I wanted to do something to help them.  After I was baptized I started helping pastors with the work of the gospel.   It remained in my mind as I prayed every day for God to provide for the needs of suffering people and to use me to reach them.  I used my own income to supply people with food and clothing and the Lord slowly started blessing me more and more where I was able to build the ministry that has become Remote Tribal Missions.   

Our ministry website is www.rtmindia.org

Remote Tribal Missions Khammam, India 

Our motto is, "Love, serve, and grow together to make life more beautiful and meaningful”.

My wife is A. Vimala and we have one child. 

My father has died and my mother remains as a house wife. 

When we first started the mission work in 2011, we reached out to the tribal people and brought some of the children home with us to care for them.  We were able to connect with some charity groups that have given us clothes, bibles, rice, and guided us in some awareness programs that provided us with needed information that educated us better to care for the children. 

It is our vision to rescue 100 orphaned and destitute children in the coming years.  The goal is 50 boys and 50 girls we can help become productive citizens by teaching and counseling while we work to help them become a part of safe, nurturing, Christ-centered family.

I have one acer of land in our town that I use for growing vegetables we sell for income to support the ministry.  It is a meager income that we are grateful to have so the ministry can prosper.

We were not an established ministry until we became partners with Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  On April 14, 2017 we were issued documents formally establishing us as the Remote Tribal Missions, Khammam, India. 

We work to help the remote tribes in our area to have better living conditions by supply water, food, and material to make clothing.  We desire to bring many social services to these tribes in the far reaches of our district to help them better care for themselves.

We have built three churches in villages of Chalampalem, Regulagudem, and Iingala.  Their pastors have been issued certificates of license by Bless Ministries Mobile USA, and they work tirelessly to ensure all their believers can obtain the necessary things for survival in the remote areas.  We are helping our pastor to reach more of the remote tribe by taking with us as we go into the villages, sharing our means, and conducting gospel meetings, and baptizing converts.

Our relief efforts are work but it has been difficult reaching many of them in need because the needs are so many.  Everywhere we turn there are more and more who are facing sickness, hunger, and sever poverty.  Please consider helping us by donating to our cause.  Click the donate button and all of your gift will be sent to us through Bless Ministries Mobile USA.

Thank you for your kindness and please remember to pray for us.