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Kampala, Uganda

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I am Pastor Alex Muwereza.  My family ministers in the Gomba, Bugiri, and Mubendue Districts of Uganda as the Heavenly Paradise Worship Ministries.  We serve the people of these districts with great joy for the wonderful work God is doing among the people of Uganda.

I was the second-born son of David Walusimbi and my mother, Ruth.  They had four sons and two daughters.  We lived in Busolo, located in the Subcounty of Mpenja of the Gomba District in Uganda.  My parents never divorced, but I did not grow up with my parents.   Because my parents were poor and wanted me to go to school, I was left with a friend of my father, who was able to give me access to schools.  The problem was it was much like being a prisoner because this man continually beat me and left me days without food.  I was made to sleep outside in the cold and not allowed to be a part of this man's family like his children.  I will never forget one night I was sent to go and fetch water from a stream deep down in a forest.  It was very late at night, I was alone, and I narrowly escaped being killed by a leopard.


I never understood why I had to live this way when my parents were alive.  I was given too much work to do, which kept me from concentrating on my school work.  This affected my performance in the classroom, though I kept my common sense about me as I grew into my teen years.  I was being passed from family to family and made to do domestic work to contribute to my school fees.  My father would bring some help for the school fees from time to time.  At the time, the family I was with would pretend to be nice while my father was there, but after he was gone, they would go back to mistreating me. 

Due to the long periods of hunger I endured, I attracted stomach ulcers, becoming a chronicle disease in my body.  My entire life was filled with stress and depressed conditions, but I had a hope that I would be freed from the hardships of life as I lived in Heaven with Jesus when I died.  I was saved in 1996 at the age of 11 years old.  I was able to gain this great hope from reading in my Gideon's New Testament that I had during my formative years.  This bible became my best friend.  I loved the worship that would rise up from within me when I would read in this bible.  People around me could see the tears flowing down my face as I was in deep worship, feeling loved by the Most High God, King of Kings.  This helped me at a young age to grow in Christ and have a zeal to know about the mysteries of the kingdom of God.

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On December 22, 2012, I married my best friend that I had known all my life.  Miriam Nantongo and I have been blessed with three beautiful children: 

   Prudence 6 years old

   Price Walusimbi David 4 years old

   Prunella 2 years old

We are expecting another child

to be born in May 2021.

After I finished high school, I wanted to continue studying in advanced secondary school for two years before college.  I raised money for my school fees.  I started helping builders mix sand, carried stones and timber, worked people's gardens, and went into the woods to gather firewood, which I sold.  I was willing to do any kind of work so I could pay my school fees.  The continued lack of money kept me from finishing my work at the university.  The fees were too much, and I was unable to keep up with the financial demand. 

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I wanted to go to school to learn English, travel the world, and preach Jesus to the nations.  I gathered enough to buy a horn speaker, which I set up in a different place and started preaching.  My favorite scriptures to preach from were John 3:16 and Romans Chapter 8.  I witnessed people giving their lives to Jesus.  In 2010 many of the youth were being drawn to Jesus through my preaching.  I started visiting the hospitals and was praying for the sick.  As the people were giving their lives to Jesus, I would direct them to spirit-filled churches in their community. 

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In 2013 the Lord sent us to the village of Kiriri in the Gomba district to build a church.  This is a primarily Muslim populated region which give us great opposition at first.  We never gave up on the commission from the Lord to minister among these people, and the has blessed our efforts to see a great victory for the name of Jesus Christ.  The church is doing well. 


In 2015 we were able to launch another church in the eastern part of Uganda, the Bugiri District, of which we are seeing the hand of the Lord strong there as well.  In 2017 we launched another church in Mubende Town of the Mubendue district, and in 2019 we opened our latest new church in the central part of Uganda, at the Kisozi Trading Center in the Wakiso District.

I was searching on the internet and came across Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  The more I read on their website, the more I knew their ministry could possibly assist us in the things we wanted to add to our churches.  After contacting Pastor Johnny Holland, the president, we have been processed and received sponsorship documents that officially document each of our ministries as established and working under the leadership of Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  From their leadership, we are learning things that we could not have known without the fellowship of a ministry willing to reach out.  We are learning ways to help us make our vision to reach the entire African continent to have the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Our desire is to see the banner of salvation lifted before the African people so that they receive the teaching of Jesus Christ.  We are witnessing how partnering with Bless Ministries Mobile USA will help us to accomplish this.

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Our desire is to establish schools for the children, homes for the orphaned kids, and churches capable of building Bible Schools to train ministers.  Bless Ministries Mobile USA offers us these opportunities with the things they have already put in place.  They are showing us how to build these things with limited financial recourse.  We will use their experience and resources to reach our vision for the African people.  


Thank you for reading through our webpage.  We hope you have been enlightened to the joy we experience by having ministries in Uganda.  Please pray about ways you might help us here.  Send us a donation, and we will be sure to use it for a 100 fold return on your spiritual gift. 


God bless you, and remember to pray for us.