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Faith Way Community Outreach 

Khajipalem, India

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Anil Kumar Addepalli is the pastor of  Faith Way Community Outreach located in the village of Khajipalem, on the Southeastern shore of India.  The church is only six years old and has a small nucleus of members, normally having sixty to seventy on Sunday morning worship and growing more each week as they go door to door, sharing the gospel and distributing Holy Bibles, tracts, spiritual books.

Pastor Anil and his wife Sireesha are raising their five year old daughter Sandra with a passion to see their church become a paramount ministry for their village and the people of Khajipalem.   

The Faith Way Community Outreach has developed a movie projecting ministry they use for conducting street evangelism and revival crusades in different areas surrounding their villages and cities.  By showing movies on the streets, people gather and they are able to share the gospel to many more people.

One of their greatest achievements in their short history is their children's home which is featured as a separate ministry listed under Pastor Mallik Rao, under India.  Under the leadership of Pastor Anil, Mallik Rao and his wife Usha took in 14 boys and 6 girls in June 2014 into their home and started the God's Love Children's Home.  Because of their compassion these children are being well taken care of as the church reaches out in the community so orphaned children are not left to the hardships of being homeless.  See Mallik Rao under India for more details about the God's Love Children's Home.

Becoming a community to help grow the local economy is what motivates Pastor Anil Addepalli's to develop his vision.  He invisions to build a church community that helps people become more educated.  He wants the church to help all the people of their village by having a Christian school for the children; a bible college to train the adults, so they can learn ministry skills and business skills, to have opportunities which will help build their local economy.   It is his desire to have small vans for transportation to reach beyond the village and bring students from as much as 300 to 400 kilometers away, so they too can benefit from the schools provided by the Faith Way Community Outreach.

We at Bless Ministries are partners with this ministry so we can help their vision become reality.  As the Lord blesses them to provide through our ministry in Mobile Alabama USA, we will see children and adults come to Jesus as their Savor, learn and be educated from their schools, and build ministry and businesses to grow their economy. 


If you would like to be a part of this growing vision and ministry, please help by making a donation.  Click the donate button and start helping Pastor Anil and the Faith Way Community Outreach to build their vision.

Thank you for your kindness. 

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