Revival Tabernacle Fellowship
Bolangir, India


I am Arvind Deep, the pastor of the Revival Tabernacle Fellowship, located in Balaghat, India.   For thirty seven years my wife and I have been training disciples and planting churches in five states throughout India.

I was raised in a Christian family in the city of Bolangir located in the Balangir District of Odisha, India.


My parents attended a Methodist church in a nearby city but I never went with them.   I was enrolled me in a school that was near my home, which I attended for four years.  During this time I became a slave to cigar smoking, wine, and alcohol.   In 1975, at the age of 17, I was forcefully taken to a three day gospel meeting where I received Jesus Christ as my Savior and was water baptized.  I had been fully dominated by demonic activity, but I said good bye to my old life and started living for Jesus Christ by enrolling into a Bible Seminary that I attended from 1975-1979.


I was married to my wife, Amika, in 1983 and we have had three grown children.  We continued working together, planting churches and teaching in the Bible College until we settled in Balaghat, India.  For fourteen years we continued traveling and growing our ministry, the Revival Tabernacle Fellowship.


By the grace of God we have worked and built 55 house church ministries that we have given to young pastors in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra State, Chhatishgarh State, and Odisha State.  It is our goal to plant five hundred churches throughout these states. 


In 2008 we were given a project by Compassion International to expand our ministry into four states in India.  We began planting churches using neighbor boarder ministries in Maharasta in the state of Gondia.  It was not long before we had nine house churches in Maharasta, twenty house churches in Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, nine house churches in Saraipali, Chhatisgarh State, and 25 house churches in Bargarh, Odisha State.


For the last eight years we have been feeding three hundred children through the International Compassion Project.  From this we have witnessed one hundred families accept Jesus in different villages of Odisha State.


It is our goal to plant five thousand house churches and train one hundred soul winning pastors.


We do have a website which shows much of the progress we have made:

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