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Australia For Jesus is a growing network of Christians formed by the Holy Spirit to help the lost people of Australia and New Zealand discover who Jesus is and, through repentance and faith in Him, be saved from sin and receive God’s Gift of Eternal Life. 


We are making this impact by enlisting and training individuals to become soul winners using our simple Way of Life presentation that is downloaded to their phones or devices for easy access.  We promote building a campaign where couples or groups present themselves to people in public places by having friendly conversation that leads into opportunities to present Jesus to those who are lost.  Using the Way of Life presentation allows the soul winner to guide anyone to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by showing them a five minuet slide format.  This has proven to be a solid way to make new disciples and continue working with them beyond their salvation experience.

Australia For Jesus has a vision to raise up a force of 10,000 or more witnesses for Christ throughout Australia and New Zealand within the next five to ten years who will proclaim faith and righteousness through the Gospel and bring increasing numbers of people to Jesus.


The founder and CEO of Australia For Jesus is Tony McLennan.


He continues sharing this positive way of winning people to Jesus Christ and has been able to enlist people and organizations nationwide. 


To learn more about AFJ, please view their website:  Australia For

Tony McLennan also has a blog:  Tony's Blog

We became involved with Bless Ministries Mobile USA in April 2021 through Prisy Paul from India.  She is connected with one of our national leaders, Steve Ladd, in Frankston, Australia, south of Melbourne.  Prisy Paul has a ministry that is partnered with Bless Ministries.  During one of their bible studies Prisy commented about Bless Ministries and suggested they set up a zoom meeting where Steve could meet Johnny Holland, the President of Bless Ministries.  That meeting took place on April 28, 2021.  Since then Steve Ladd has had several zoom meetings with Johnny Holland, one where Steve and Johnny met with Tony McLennan and many of the national leaders of Australia.


Steve Ladd

Steve Ladd continues being the liaison for AFJ that has built a strong partnership with Johnny Holland and Bless Ministries Mobile USA.


Dianne and Steve

Steve Ladd and his wife Dianne are strong leaders who are always developing campaigns as they take teams of soul winners into their communities to share Jesus Christ and the Way of Life presentation.


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Be sure to look at our website and learn more about our vision for Australia and how you can help Bless Ministries Mobile USA grow a similar program in the United States.  Australia For


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