Bless Ministries International Haiti

Cap-Haitien, Haiti

Hello I am Bishop Boster Bonaparte.  I was born in 1960 to a non-Christian family.  My parents worshiped demons and bad spirits, but my father and my mother worked hard to educate us.  In time my mother and father did accepted Jesus as their personal savior with us.  Then we continued serving the Lord together.

Once I received God's calling to go into ministry I entered in the bible school and studied for five years.  After I finished my bible studies I was ordained as a missionary pastor.  I began preaching in the countryside of Rinyen in my country of Haiti.   Many people accepted Jesus as their savior so we started a church form those being added to church daily.  Later being called to go to the Dominican Republic, I left a responsible pastor with the church in Rinyen. 

While in the Dominican Republic I preached for some years the gospel of God in different cities.  We were able to preach in some of the hospitals and gave social helps to some of the people also.  I had to go into Cuba and parts of Europe to preach for a short time and then I returned to the Dominican Republic to do more spiritual and social work with the poor.  We ministered to the children and people with disabilities. 

In  2013 God told me to return to my country of Haiti and continue working with the poor and needy concerning their spiritual and social needs.  God directed me to work with the leaders, pastors, children, sick, prisoners, and people having physical disabilities.  

I returned to my native Haiti where I founded the Christian and Social ministry of Aumoniers Internationaux Des Ameriques/International Chaplains of the Americas (I.CH.A / A.I.A) on November 6, 2013.   You can learn more on our Facebook Page by clicking on this link: Chaplains Americas

This ministry was built upon the need to reach those who do not believe in Jesus Christ and who are not Christians.  We preach in conferences, crusades and revivals so we can assists the pastors of churches to build up women's ministries while assisting the spiritual and social sick in hospitals and prisons.  We work to help people with physical problems in their bodies and mind while reaching out to assist the communities of our nation.

We have an executive committee of thirteen pastors and ministry leaders that help govern and execute the policies and decisions of the ministry.  We also partner with denominational and non-denominatinal churches to help them build and grow their ministries.

It is our goal to hold psychological and spiritual conferences so we can help people who are dealing with problems in their minds as we share with them the gospel to help them spiritually.  We plan on doing this by building up all the existing churches (denominational and non-denominational) and build new churches where there are none.  We want to establishing more schools and seminaries to help educate the Haitian people and raise their  ability to provide and grow our local economies.   It is our vision to continue having human rights and human relations conference to improve our nations acceptance of a better government and greater freedom for all our people. 

Pastor Johnny Holland

Senior Pastor and President

of Bless Ministries Mobile USA

On January 28, 2017 I made contact through the internet with Johnny Holland in Mobile, Alabama in the United states.  He was the president and pastor of a ministry that was reaching out to assist ministries around the world.  The more I communicated with Pastor Holland about Bless Ministries of Mobile, Alabama, the more I wanted to have our ministry partner with them.  In February 2017 our executive committee accepted my proposal to become Bless Ministries International of Haiti.  On April 7, 2017 Bless Ministries of Mobile issued the documents appointing me as the Bishop over Bless Ministries International of Haiti.

Thank you for looking through our webpage.  Click the donation button and help us continue building up the churches and people of Haiti.   Your donate from this page will be sent to us by Bless Ministries Mobile USA.

We need finances to help us continue our simple way of life and keep us moving forward as we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people and a nation whose only hope is in Jesus Christ.


Thank you for your kindness.  Please do not forget to pray for us.

Conditions are difficult for many of the churches because the people are poor.   Bless Ministries Mobile USA has partnered with us to help build up the churches we minister to and help us reach all the churches in our nation to become more aware of God's blessings.