Bless Ministries Messiah Gospel Church

B. R. Ambedkar Colony

Cherlapally, India

I am Bukya Veeranna Paul.  My wife and I have two beautiful children and together are the Pastor family of the Bless Ministries Messiah Gospel Church in the B.R. Ambedkar Colony of Cherlapally, India.

We have a specific ministry to the native gypsy tribes of our region.

This unique ministry exclusively reaches the millions of tribal gypsies that live in Banjara, India.  There are 35 Million people that live in Banjara and they all speak one language.  The Banjara Tribal gypsies are one of the least evangelized and least helped people around in the world.  Adult illiteracy is at a staggering 90% among our people.  Most Banjaras live in unimaginable poverty either in remote rural villages or city slums.  They are regarded in their culture as much lower than animals and are considered as dung, scum, or garbage.  In fact, the name given to them is untouchables.

Thousands are slaves to the land and factory owners.  Even though slavery has been illegal for over 30 years they are still practicing it to make money by capturing orphans and some will sell their children to make money.  New born babies are sold to those who use babies for Hindu sacrifices.   It is among this very culture, God chose, called, raised up and equipped two very special Banjara people to help and reach their very own Tribal group with the gospel.  We are Bukya Veeranna and Ramana.

From my childhood I grew up among innumerable superstitious belief of the Banjara Tribes until God called me and saved me in 1992.  My family as a child consist of me, three brothers, and one sister.  My brothers each died at the ages of 5, 7 and 10 because of diseases and poor medical facilities, while my sister and I remained save.  Our family lived in darkness with my father being a drunkard and my mother a chain smoker and pagan worshiper.  She was possess of the devil working enchantments and fortune telling.  As a child my parents enrolled me in the Christian school, believing it would give me a good education.  Though I was a hater of idol worship, I felt uncomfortable in the Christian school because I was zealously opposed to Christian beliefs, they disgusted me.  I was so distraught because I was failing the tenth grade and had to be there, out of hatred for the school I chopped up poisonous lizards and added them to a meal the students were being served.  Nothing happened!  So I tried to kill myself by eating the lizards.  Again, nothing happened!

Soon after these things a traveling evangelist came to our village and he presented me with a New Testament and another book entitled The End of the Age.  As I was reading in these two books I started asking myself, "If I were to die where would I spend eternity?  I found the answer in the Bible as I came to understand my state of living.  I became convicted of my sins and accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord.  Now I have the blessed hope to live with Christ forever and ever.

As time went on I sensed God's calling.  When I came to Jeremiah 1:4-10 I realized He knew me while He was forming me in my mother's womb.  I came to realize He was setting me apart and anointed me to be His servant for the Banjara people.  I told the Lord, "God, I am young and do not know as much about the Bible as I would need to for ministry.  I do not know how to present your message of love to our tribal people."  After much prayer I enrolled in a Bible College at Hyderabad, where I obtained my B.Th. Degree in 2000.  God put a burden in my heart to serve Him full-time in 2009. 

When we started our ministry we named it Serve to Save Ministries.  Our work is concentrated on preaching the gospel and social development among those in the interior unreached rural and tribal areas out from Hyderabad, India.   

Since the establishment of our ministry, we have established six Churches in different places, where the people have no church buildings or worship centers at all.  Our ten co-pastors face difficulty with economic and ministry challenges because the people are so poor, yet they go out and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with joy.  Most of them go on foot and a few have bicycles.  They conduct street rallies, open-air evangelism using a gospel tract distribution as they go door-to-door, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Grace Children Home

The Serve to Save Ministries is very much concerned for the children of our culture that are neglected, orphaned, and abandoned.     Because it is so virtually impossible for any of these children to obtain any education due to most villages have no schools of any kind, we have opened the Grace Children's Home for the care and education of these desperately neglected children.  Presently we care for twenty children.   We are praying God will help us to obtain a large building to properly house the home.  

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