I am Pastor Bula Rambabu, from the India state of Andhra Pradesh.  I live and minister in the village of Kotikesavaram which is located in the East Godavari District of our state.  I was born and brought up in a Hindu family that was completely under bondage of idols and ritual practices that we received through our forefathers.

Divine Glory Church

and Bless Ministries of Kotikesavaram, India 

May parents are illiterate and agricultural labor workers.  I grew up seeing my father as an alcoholic that was always fighting with my mother until one day he fell sick.  He slowly became worse so we took him to a clinic and he was diagnosed with liver disease due to his drinking.  The doctors did all they could but they were not able to improve his condition.  He l lay in the hospital bed, unable to move or talk, and I knelt down on my knees and started praying to who I understood was the God in the End of Time.  All my family joined in praying with me.  As I wrestled with God to heal my father and we were all crying for a miracle, suddenly my father started responding to the treatment and he opened his eyes.  That night in the Lord healed my father and it lead to me and all my family accepting Jesus as our personal savior.

In 2006 I had this visions where I saw babies left crying in front of huts in different parts of the earth. In the vision I left them there because the burned for them was so great and I went to my pastor and his wife to tell them about the babies.  His wife asked me why did I leave them there, they were for me, they were waiting for me to come and care for them.   Then I woke up from the vision.

In another vision I saw idol worshipers and festivals where people were destroying their lives.  They were heading to darkness and hell because they did not know Christ.

These visions caused me to read in the Bible.  The more I read the more something inside me was telling me to serve the Lord.  I was reading in John 1:4-5 and the words inspired me.

In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. [John 1:4-5 NKJV]  From these words I felt the call of God to ministry the gospel so I could lead all people to the light.

I remain unmarried because I have focused all my efforts on this ministry.  We have developed a good ministry among the mountain people and the prostitutes in our area. 

Our church, the Divine Glory Church of Kotikesavaram, India works to feed the elderly and destitute children in our area every Sunday.  We have thirteen pastors that work with us in the tribal areas around Kotikesavaram.  There are many villages in the Andhra Pradesh that do not have proper roads as you go higher up into the mountains, but we are compelled by our vision and our calling from the Lord Jesus Christ to walk to all the villages that we might win the people who live there to Christ Jesus and offer them help for the many needs they face each day.  We are met with many obstacles and much opposition, but we press on by the anointing of our Lord Jesus and the power of His name.

We carry out open air crusades that brings the gospel to these hardship areas.  We reach out further into the villages of the mountains bringing hope to those in such need.  


Our ministry teams present worship songs and dance to show people worship can be enjoyable and full of life.


It is the vision of the Divine Glory Church and Bless Ministries of Kotikesavaram, that the people of our region comes to know that Jesus is Lord and Savior.  We are going under hard conditions into the mountains and villages because we love our people and we want to ensure salvation is experiences by every soul.

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