Bless Ministries Church of Bokimonge

Bokimonge, Kenya

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I am Pastor Charles Onduso Kiari of the Bless Ministries Church in Bokimonge, Kenya.

I am married to my wonderful and dedicated wife Duncan who has blessed me with six children.

Before I understood who Jesus is I was given over to drinking and staying drunk.  It was so bad that one day in 1995 I went to a Christian crusade while I was very drunk.  I was not being very nice or peaceful to those who were there for the crusade.  All of the sudden I experienced the heaviness of the Holy Spirit, but I did not understand what was happening.  I saw something that looked like heaven coming down and the world started turning around and around.  This made me very sick and I started vomiting.  Once I was feeling better I asked the people if they would pray for me.  As they were praying I vomited a worm from my body.  From that day I started serving the Lord.

My family and I started attending the church that was having the crusade, which was far from our home.  Because the distance was so long my family requested that the church come and organize a church in our village, but we were denied by the church. 

We are always seeking ways to build up the congregations and provide better shelter for our worship centers.  We are having to rent spaces for worship because two of our fellowships are under shade trees.  This gives us great problems during the rainy season.  But we continue moving forward in faith, knowing that the Lord will provide for our needs.

Because of the need my wife and I prayed for the Lord would guide us how to have a church in our village.  There were so many people wanting to gather and have worship without having to travel so far to the church.  God answered our prayer by moving us my wife and I to open up our home as a fellowship.  The number of people were increasing the more people would pray in the Spirit.

We named the church Bokimonge Fellowship Church.  Now we have five other fellowships gathering under my leadership.

There are many challenges here that are causing people to die, leaving families without hope.  Due to no economy and much sickness from HIV and Aids the death count is always rising.  Since 2007 we have had many people leaving us their children for lack of ways to care for them or because too many have died and there are no family members left to care for them.  Many of these children were seeking any kind of help.  

The Bible teaches it is a good church that looks after the orphans and widows in their needs, James 1:27.

To better care for orphans we established our orphanage in 2007. 

We started by collecting offerings through the church.  It became a great task because many are poor and unemployed.  We are praying for the many generous people around the world who will see our need through this webpage and have mercy upon us to help fill our need for blankets, clothing, food, pajamas, shelter and beds.  Our children sleep on the mud floors without food.  They drink black tea in boiled water and sugar. 

Another thing we are doing through our fellowships is growing vegetables.  We sell them on the weekends to help pay for food for the orphans.   May God bless you for your kindness to help us as we seek ways to build a local school.  We have to travel a long distance for the children to attend school.  Please read these verses:  James 1:27;  John 14:15-21;  Psalms 82:5.

Other challenges in ministry work is the need for teachers and preaches from our area.  Because the congregations are continuously growing  we need help to teach and organize.  We are always in need of bibles.  Very few people actually have a bible.

We have a vision to expand our ministry into the cities of Thika and Mombasa.  We are going into these two cities with the gospel, hoping for the Lord to let us organize two more fellowships.

Please assist us where you can in this wonderful work of God.  May the Heavenly Father bless you.  Keep the faith as we join our minds and hand together for God’s work in Jesus name.

Thank you for view our webpage.

In 2016 I started searching the internet for ministries that might be able to help us build our ministry better.  I came across Bless Ministries of Mobile, Alabama in the United States.  I was moved by their website and their desire for using the Word of God as their foundation in everything they do.  After making contact with their pastor and president Johnny Holland, we started building a partnership ministry.  Since we had never been formally organized our fellowships decided to change our names to Bless Ministries Churches so we would be more identified to the Bless Ministries organization.  Our main church campus is Bless Ministries Church of Bokimonge, Kenya.  We also have five other Bless Ministries Churches in Keera, Kyabine, Nyabigena, Geta, and Mokonge.  We now have twenty-five pastors and ministers that help us minister the Word of God as we disciple people for the Kingdom of God.