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Book of Life 

Zomba City, Malawi

I am Clifford Masambuka, the founder Book Of Life Ministry based in Zomba City, Malawi on the African continent.  We founded the ministry to help meet the needs of people physically, mentally, and spiritually.  We are working to meet these needs as a way to express the love of God through His son Jesus Christ.

wife_ Monica

My wife Monica                My Son

I married the love of my life, Monica, in 2014 and we have been blessed with a son and a daughter.


Currently, we have 40 Youth Bible Study Centers where we conduct youth studies, counseling, moral guidance, life skills, and much more.   We also support orphans who are attending our Youth Bible Study Centers. We reach out to many people in rural communities through our Community Outreach Evangelism. 


As a child, I had a turbulent upbringing.  I was the last born child of my parents who brought us up as a Christian family.  Life was tough for me because my parents both died before I finished Primary School.  To continue with my education was very difficult until God sent a person in my life to help and guide me.  The school fees were still too much so I had to stop going to school.


By God's grace, I was able to find work at different places where I learned and gain experience.  Today I am a Medical Social Worker, Minister, and Evangelist. I worked with some non-governmental organizations in Malawi, such as Banja La Mtsogolo, Bwalo Initiative, Dignitas International, and Baylor College of Medicine Children's Fund Malawi.  I am an expert in treating anxiety, depression, relationship issues, spiritual counseling and guidance, women issues and health-related psychological issues, and providing professional counseling services in HIV and AIDS, and TB.


In 2007, at the age of 21, I received Christ and baptized in water baptism and Holy Spirit.  I became zealous to reach out and help the orphans, widows, elderly people, and people with physical disabilities, with the living gospel of Christ the Messiah. 


The Lord appeared to me and said He wanted me to prepare youth to become godly and active in the Word of God.  In my passion and calling, I started a community organization we named "Ulumba Youth Organization".   The name comes from the Ulumba Mountain in the area where I was born.  The program helps young people to learn of Jesus, become saved, and start learning the Word of God so they can become winners of souls for Christ.  They learn how to become free from unwholesome habits and how to live for Jesus.  We have named our centers Youth Bible Study Centers.  We now have 70 centers in the Zomba, Balaka, and Machinga Districts.