Opapo Pefa Chruch

Opapo, Kenya

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I am Collins Omndi Nyasuda, the Pastor of the Opapo Pefa Church in Opapo, Kenya.   My wife of ten years, Pastor Pheopbe Collins, works with me as we minister to the people of the Nyanza Lake region.   We do not have any children yet, but God is entrusting us with other children that are staying in our house.


I come from a Christian home of six children who were raised by my single mother.  On December 7, 2000, I was passing by where people were preaching and sharing the gospel.  I stopped to listen, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior right then.  I joined that local church and served the Lord faithfully under the pastor, who became my spiritual father for twelve years.

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In 2013 I heard the call to plant a church in another town, which is the Opapo Pefa Church.  The name means House of Grace.  Our commission is out of Matthew 28:19-20 "Go ye therefore. . ."  and  our vision and call are from Isaiah 61:1 "He anointed me to preach the good news to the poor, sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, and to proclaim victory for the captives. . . "  

I have a diploma in Theological Bible Studies and I completed another diploma in Care Giver Community Health and H.C.B.C and VCT counseling.  I committed my life to Jesus in 2002 and served in the Pefa Church for three years before answering the call of the fivefold ministry.  I began evangelizing and sharing the gospel in the streets, prisons, hospitals, and market places.  Most of my efforts were in preaching the gospel, prayers, deliverance, and teaching.  After serving under this ministry for a total of 12 years the pastor sent me to the city of Opapo.  I was to establish another House of Grace in 2014.


My wife and I were preaching for three days in open-air meetings when one of the people were saved.  Then we were allowed to rent a place to hold meetings.  We started building the new church with the saved person's family and our family.  In the first year, we leased the land we were able to construct a worship building and after five years, we now have 53 adults and 37 children. 


One day the Lord showed me in a vision that I was in a thick area in the forest to praying and fasting.  I had a machete in my hand and I was clearing out part of the bush when an angel appeared to me and told me to work harder to reach the far end.  The work was hard but the angel continued encouraging me to continue.  As I reached the far side of the forest I found a group of people who were sickly, bandaged, lame, blind, and very tired.  Then the angel told me to lead these people to a home up in the clouds.   At that point, I woke up filled with the conviction that God had truly called me to this work.  I knew then that I was called to preach the full gospel of Jesus Christ and I was to go and carry out the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20.


Our values of ministry.

1. Prayer and fasting (Isaiah 58).

2. Evangelism and preaching the gospel of Christ (Matthew 24:14, Acts 8:25).

3. Home-based care for orphaned children, widows, and the needy (James 1:27).

4. Nursing and caring for people living with HIV/AIDS and sick people at home (Luke 10:33-34).

5. Equipping church leaders for effective service to God. Paul and Timothy.

6. Missions to schools, hospitals, prisons, churches, and villages.


I was looking on the internet and found a ministry in the United State that helps new ministries to learn and grow in the power of Jesus Christ so I reached out to Bless Ministries Mobile USA from their website.  Pastor Johnny Holland responded to my request for assistance and we have been accepted as a partner in ministry with him since September 2020.  Reading about the development of Bless Ministries Mobile USA and the story of Pastor Johnny's life and commitment has touched me with excitement great joy that we can partner with a ministry that wants to help and be a blessing to other ministries around the world.

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We are now learning with new insights and leadership that is changing the ways we do ministry while developing us into a greater ministry for the Glory of God. 

Thank you for looking at our webpage.  Please pray for ways the Lord would have you help us in this journey.  We need people like you to support us so we can continue building this new church that is working to build up the people and communities of Opapo, Kenya.  Please donate and help us today.