Coach David Verdu is married to Ranaye and they have six children and five grandchildren.  The live in Russellville, Arkansas where enjoy the mountainous terrains, lakes, and many outdoor activities of their community.  


Ranaye is a large part of the Way Beyond Measure team.  She is the business manager who maintains the bookkeeping, budget, and invoicing.  She has even been known to speak from time to time.

Behind every successful man is a good woman.  This great woman and the happy marriage they have together is what Coach Verdu has such an infectious personality.

By the way, Ranaye is the sister of Johnny Holland, the President and founder of Bless Ministries Mobile USA. 

Another important member of the Way Beyond Measure team is Coach Verdu and Ranaye's son, Johnny Daniels.   Johnny works behind the scenes running the computer and  sound equipment for the shows.


Johnny's commitment to work as the ground crew, the driver, and maintaining the equipment ensures each presentation goes off without a hitch.  


Johnny has a very professional voice that is used for voice-overs and landed him the opportunity to be the Master of Ceremonies for a prestigious awards banquet.


Coach Verdu and Ranaye love every one of their six children who have grown into collogue of their own individual families that live in several states now.  They both look forward to the family times they get with their own extended families, their children's families, and of course the grandchildren.