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Hello, I am Daniel Raza, the pastor of Bless Ministries of Khanewal, in the nation of Pakistan.  I am a simple man that was born into a Christian family that was always close to the Lord Jesus Christ.  My parents taught us out of the Word of God.  After I passed my metric exams I went into the nursing profession.  While working as a nurse I met a young woman named Roziena and we were married. 

Bless Ministries of Khanewal, Pakistan

All of my family works together as Bless Ministries of Khanewal, Pakistan.  I am the pastor of our church ministry, Grace Cathedral Church. 

While working as a nurse I began training in ministry under the Salvation Army.  They have a great program but they would not allow us to take part in their field work so we opened the Good Shepherd School and Kids Bible Foundation.  We started teaching children from the Gospel of John and the children responded with great joy in their hearts as the learned more each day.

Our son Sharib Gill  

We are a very happy family with four children.

Our daughter Sarah Kainat Gill

Our son Shazaib Gill

Our son Saul Gill 

We live in the city of Multan