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Hello, my name is David Chhozama.  I live in Yangon, Myanmar, one of the largest cities in the South Myanmar. 

My story starts with difficulties in my family because we were very poor.  I was born into a Christian family in 1980, but that did not mean anyone was born again.  One day I went to work on a job that was away from my home and I lived away for one year.  While I was there I met a pastor who told me about salvation through Jesus Christ.  His church was having revival services so I went to hear his preaching.  I accepted Jesus as my personal savior.   That night I heard a voice whisper to me to go back to my home and study the Bible.  I returned to Yangon and after three years I received my Bachelor of Theology degree. 

New Life Church and Mission

Yangonbauk, Yangon, Myanmar

After I graduated I met a wonderful girl, Fie Fie, whom I married.  God has blessed us with a son, David and a daughter Ester Sui te.  We are very happy and thankful to the Lord for our family.

We prayed to the Lord about continuing my studies for a Master degree and I was able to attend the Asia Evangelical Seminary in Bangalore, India for three years.  After graduation we returned to Myanmar and started serving as a teacher at Emmanuel Bible College full time.  While serving as a teacher the Lord called us to go build our own ministry.  By prayer and faith we started building the New Life Church and Mission in 2014. 

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We started the work with some of our friends by doing evangelism from Monday to Wednesday and on Saturdays.  We gather in a house for worship and home cell fellowship in order to maintain spiritual growth and Bible teaching.

It is our vision to help all new believers we bring into the Kingdom of God understand the love of Jesus Christ as they become closer to each other in love, and learn what it truly means to be a Christian.  Because I come from a family that did not understand this, I want to ensure as unbelievers come to salvation, they gain proper training in the Bible and learn how to be a Christian that brings honor to God by their faith and lifestyle.  We want them to understand how to live as spiritual believers not just in word only.

Though our ministry is new, we are reaching out to our community by building a children's ministry that is teaching children to grow physically, spiritually and mentally.  Our programs are reaching the children and helping them to grow into strong vital Christian young adults.  As we continue training, our community of believers is becoming a foundation of truth showing people that Christianity is God's way of fellowship with Him when you share love and concern for the society you live in.  This is a strange concept to our culture.

Our praise and worship is showing people that open praise and songs of God's glory and goodness is a wonderful way of outward expression.  This too is a strange concept among the people of Myanmar.  

We hope to begin our training center soon for training ministers.  As we train more ministers in our local area we can have more people ready to teach and lead churches that will work together in ministering the gospel as we evangelize our communities and cities.  We are very excited about the possibilities we have in our future.