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This is Pastor David and Petronilla Turyatemba sending our warm greetings from Uganda!  We are the fouonders of Set Free Church and Ministries in Uganda, Kampala, East Africa.


We are committed to God  in a full-time ministry  with our 3 daughters (Sandra 5 yrs, Patience Prudence 7 yrs, and Destiny-Hope 12 yrs) and a team of committed servants of Christ.  We have witnessed the Lords' blessing and freedom to the captives.

Set Free Church and Ministries

Kampala, Uganda

Set free Church Ministries is an independent ministry that started in a small home in 2004.  God increased our numbers which prompted us to hire a video hall later that was destroyed by a Muslim landlord for fear that we were going to buy off her land.  We had to hold our services in a house again for the next six months.  When we acquired another place of worship it was also destroyed by the landlord, claiming that he wanted to develop his land for something else.  We finally acquired a hall that we are still using to this day.  It was large enough for the church and a school for orphans and the disadvantaged families who cannot afford education.

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We are a Pentecostal, Holy Ghost church with two branches in eastern and western parts of Uganda.   These two branches are serving the refugees from Eastern Uganda by ministering the uncompromising word of God, freedom and deliverance to the children of God.

Our ministry headquarters is located one kilometer for the center of Kampala which has a population of 100,000 people.   Kampala has many businesses like charcoal selling, cloth vending, and retail shops.  This also brings with it many bars, prostitutes and very busy at night which the Set Free Ministry targets for the kingdom of God.

Bless Ministries Mobile USA has assisted us to help the churches throughout our region with legal documents and certificates of licenses.  This effort has helped 79 pastors and ministers with 45 churches to become established with documentation that allows them means to register with our local government.  Bless Ministries is also providing all these ministries will study materials online and leadership for improving each ministry as they deem necessary.

Through the commitment of our staff and workers, the many churches that are networking with us, and the administrative support we have received from Bless Ministries Mobile USA there has been an improvement in our region that has created a sense of hope and salvation among the population, through the gospel of Jesus Christ.