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Christ's Resurrection Founded Church

Nairobi, Kenya

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I am David Wanjala.  My wife, Peninah, our five children, and I work together as the pastor family of the Christ's Resurrection Founded Ministry, located in Nairobi, Kenya.


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After being born again, my relatives disowned me and sent me away from the family. This caused me to relocate to the Nairobi city slums with my family. After some time, I started preaching the gospel and many souls came to Christ.  Eight years ago, I planted our church and registered it with the republic of Kenya.  However, I have passed through unlimited challenges while preaching!


I had been praying about who to partner with in our ministry when I was directed by the Holy Spirit to Google "Bless Ministries."  I was surprised that the search landed on this website.  I was delighted to find Bless Ministries to be a partner willing to offer prayers on our behalf and bring spiritual awareness to every part of my ministry and family's life.  This answered my prayers, as I comprehended that the Holy Spirit did not lead me here in vain.  No flesh led me to this Bless Ministries of Mobile, Alabama, in the United States!

I was born in 1978 and raised in different families with diverse religions!  Some Muslims, others Catholics, and others never thought of any religion.  It was challenging to decide which way to go since each group believed theirs was the best.

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I didn’t grow up with my father.  I have never seen him, nor do I know him.  My mother divorced my father when I was very young and married another man who was a Muslim.  I stayed with them in a polygamous family for about ten years, passing through hardships, mockery, and psychological torture.  When this man died, we were chased away from that family by his wife and sons.  Since my biological father had also died with no home, my mother took me, and we lived in her mother’s house.  My two eldest sisters had prematurely married, and my only brother was living with our stepbrother