Nyagisai Orphanage Fellowship Church Center

Nyagisai, Kenya

I am Dennis Maragia Otwoma. I live in a small village known as Nyagisai, Kenya which is 203 miles from Nairobi.   I have been married to Nephian since 2010 and we have a son named Dickson.


I was raised by my Christian grandmother since I never knew who was my parents who died when I was very young.   Though we were very poor I was fortunate to receive my schooling through a generous man who taught me to love and care about things in life.  Sadly this man died while I was in my secondary level of school. 

In high school, I joined the Christian Union Club where I learned about Jesus Christ and accepted him as my personal savior.  I enjoyed sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, doing house to house evangelism, and preaching to the people about the love of God. 

One day as I was out sharing the gospel, I came across a boy and two girls who were crying.  This made me sad so I stopped to see why they were crying.  They were hungry and in need of fresh drinking water.  I brought them to my home where my wife cooked for them and comforted the.  We both decided the children could stay with us.  This led us to care for more orphans and now we have added nineteen more children to our home.  Nephian and I are happy to care for the orphans because we help them to have hope for a better life.

God directed me to start a small Church with my wife, grandmother, and the orphans and to teach them how to grow spiritually and know more about the love of God.  We started having our worshipping under the shade of trees.  When people saw what we were doing they started joining in with us and our number has increased because people are accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  We are leaving in a small mud house with my grandmother, my wife, and the orphans, as we continue ministering the gospel to our community. 

I do earn some money carrying water to irrigate other people's gardens, but life here is hard.  We are lacking for better shelter, food, and clothing, and we continue to trust the grace of God over us.

By God's grace, in August 2020, I came across the website of Bless Ministries Mobile USA on the internet.  After prayerfully reading and studying the website I became spiritually charged.  My spiritual stagger became stronger as I realized Bless Ministries of Mobile Alabama in the United States had what we needed for our overall spiritual growth.  Now we are sponored by Bless Ministries.

Our vision is for the Nyagisai Orphanage Fellowship Church Center will continue to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ and people respond by accepting Jesus as their savior.  We then want to teach the church in such a way they grow into a strong Christian influence that follows the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  We need Bibles and Spiritual Books that will keep our faith growing strong we need to show love and care to this young generation because the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them.  We desire for the ministry to provide a safe, loving home environment for the children God has given to us.  This includes providing nutritious meals, creative playtime activities, superior education, complete medical care.  We desire to build a primary school where English, Math, Science, Computer, and Life-skills will be taught to the orphans.


Thank you for viewing our webpage. 

Please pray about how you can help us in this wonderful work of God. 

May the Heavenly Father bless you.