Ministries need to have legal documents to help them with local and national registrations.  We offer guidance and assistance by issuing certificates of license and sponsorship letters that are acceptable with most official requirements around the world.   


Establishment or Endorsement Letters

We issue establishment letters to those ministries that have not officially been established.  After we have assessed the credibility of the ministry, we issue a formal establishment letter to the ministry and any churches under that ministry's leadership.  Ministries that are established we issue an endorsement letter to show our sponsorship and support.


Some ministries do not have formal names so we assist them with choosing a name.  We will allow a church to use Bless Ministries Church of (their city or village, and country), however this is not necessary for us to be in partnership.  Churches that have names are allowed to change their name if they so choose.


How We Send Our Documents

We have experienced difficulty sending documents through the regular postage mailing processes.  In most cases the packages were delayed up to three months while others never arrive at the mailing addresses.  To solve this problem we are now sending all document through email so ministries can print the documents themselves.   The advantage is documents are never delayed and they are made available normally in the same week they are requested.  It has become acceptable by most governmental requirements to allow for email or fax copies of documents.  Many U.S. organizations send copies of documents by email or fax to expedite their issuing processes.   This keeps down costs while making the documentation process faster and more convenient to all parties.

The Finial Result

The final result will be that a ministry receives certificates of licenses and establishment letters for free.  We do not charge anything because we do this as our ministry to assist our partners.

Certificates of License, Ordination or Endorsements

In trying to help build up ministry around the world we offer ministers who are not yet ordained, certificates of licenses or endorsements, so any ministers, pastors, or teachers can work under a covering.  We provide certificates of license for those not ordained and certificates of endorsement for those who are ordained, to authenticate each as ministers with Bless Ministries.  We have not met most of our partnering ministries so we cannot place hands on these people.  Until we get to know the people through a working relationship and once we can go meet with a ministry, we can then place hands on those we have licensed and ordain them at that time.  The ministry provides us with a list of those needing ordained and those who are ordained, using full names to properly identify a person to the document.  We also require if a person is a man or woman so we can use the right gender in the wording of the documents.