The Independent Christian Church

Kisii, Kenya

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I am Moses Nyangocho, the first son of Samuel Onsongo and Tryphosa Onsongo. 

I am 41 years old, born in 1975. 

My wife's name is Karen Onsongo. 

We are blessed with four wonderful boys.


I grew up in a family with a divided faith.  My father was not a Christian, but my mother was.  I went with my mother to the Roman Catholic church not really knowing what it was all about.   By the time I was 13 years old (1988) I started feeling a strong urge to come to Jesus and start serving Him.   I knew how to read the Bible but the leaders would not allow youth to share their feelings about scripture, so I asked permission from my mother to start attending a different church nearby.  This church gave opportunities to anyone who wanted to share their feelings about God and the scriptures.  My mother agreed and I started attending the New Apostolic Church.  I was surprised me when they sprinkled water on my forehead as sign of baptism!   I understood from the scriptures this was not the real way to be baptized and I wanted somehow to express the truth about what the Bible really teaches.  One Sunday morning I got my opportunity.

That morning the preacher called people to the front and asked us to pray for ourselves.  As I started praying in a still small voice, I was lost into a world that I did not understand!   What I felt really changed my life to want a relation with Jesus all the time.  During my time of unconsciousness I heard a voice telling me to stay in His house and search the scriptures.   I started with my favorite verse Psalm 27:4-5 and went on from there. 

The entire time I still felt I was not in the right place.

In 2008, I took a correspondence course from Moore Theological College, which I completed in 2010.  Some of the young men I knew in the community who were believers joined me and we formed a bible study group.  We were all from different churches backgrounds: the Roman Catholic, SDA, Roho Israel, and me from the New Apostolic Church.  They asked me to share with them what I had learned in my theology course, which I did.  From that time they started calling me 'pastor'.

We originally started meeting on Sunday evenings and developed as more like-minded villagers started coming to the meetings.  To meet the needs of the people we became a Sunday morning and evening community church.  We officially named our body of believers the Independent Christian Church in 2010.  We now have three meeting places and I am the senior pastor over the ministry.

The vision for our ministry is to multiply healthy churches among all people.  A healthy church is one with people who are grounded in the right truths of the Bible and are practicing them in their day to day life.  They have built their foundation upon their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and are filled with the Holy Spirit.  Our progress to build healthy churches is wonderful because many people have come to love the way we meet and discuss the Bible openly.  They love getting to know what is really in the Bible and going deep into personal prayer, led by Jesus and the Holy Spirit.   This vision has been instrumental in developing our three churches.

We are sustaining an orphanage in Riomare Springs that is called Riomare Springs Orphanage.  We are always searching for better ways to obtain food and means for the children to attend school.  Pray with us that the Lord will continue to bless this most needed work for our area.

There is a great need for purchasing buildings or having the means to build our own.  In seeking ways to accomplish this I started searching ideas on the internet.  One ministry I noticed was offering assistance in many areas and their statement of faith was  based upon the Bible.  Their vision to help churches learn about the blessings of God through Bible teaching and experience caught my interest.  As I continued looking through their website I was drawn to make contact with them.

In January 2017 I contacted Bless Ministries Mobile USA seeking their guidance for the three churches we presently have.  The process resulted in us becoming partners in ministry.  In April 2017 they issued establishment letters for all three churches and licensed all of our staff and pastors. 

Being partners with Bless Ministries Mobile USA has brought us into a better understanding of the many blessings we have in Jesus Christ.   The teachings and assistance opportunities this partnership offers is a spiritual connection that has enlightened our work as they continue to build us up.  We are praying for Bless Ministries and all of the partners, that the Lord will fulfill His promises in this ministry as they pour over into our ministry here in Kenya.

We have many projects we are developing among the youth and widows.  Pray with us that God will empower us to complete the great things we are being led to do by the Holy Spirit.  Please pray for what the Lord would have you do that can help us here.  Consider sending a donation and help us as we move forward with the gospel of Jesus Christ, developing healthy churches.