Jesus Calling Ministry

Gunter, India

I am Sanke Sukumar, pastor of the Jesus Calling Ministry in Gunter, India.  I have been deeply involved in the Christian life style my entire life as my parents raised me up in Christian family.  All I have ever wanted to do is work in the service of the church and the Kingdom of God.  At a young age I committed myself to the Lord and I have remained true to working only in the service of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I was married to my beloved wife Madhavi on June 22, 2001. 

We work daily to provide for the needs of the orphanage.  When we can we provide school supplies, food, and daily needs.  As God continues to bless the efforts of Bless Ministries Mobile USA we will be able to continue growing in our efforts to better meet the needs of the orphans.

We have three sons:  Stephen Babu who is 13, 

                                      Sasi Kumar who is 11, and

                                      Sai Charen who is 8 years old.

We organized our ministry in 2003 and named it the Jesus Calling Ministry.   We started the church ministry with ten people and it has grown to fifty members with an orphanage.  We are in need of obtaining our own buildings for a church sanctuary and our orphanage.

For fifteen years we have been reaching out to the rural areas of our district to share the Gospel and offer help where we can in the surrounding villages.  We conduct church services on Sunday morning, Wednesday and Saturday evenings.  Every evening we have people that offer up nightly prayers.

We help supply people in the villages material for clothes and food, when we have it available.

In May 2017 I was searching on the internet for ministries that help build other ministries and I came across Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  As I was reading the different things on their website I was filled with great happiness because their website gave me great hope that God had helped me to find a way I could receive assistance to grow our ministry here in Gunter, India.  Bless Ministries is helping me to see there are no boundaries to keep us from developing any part of our ministry.  

Though we endure many troubles because we have had very little help, we have much hope because God is helping me to grow in knowledge and understanding through His Word and the teaching we receive through Pastor Johnny Holland and the Manthano Library on the Bless Ministries Website.  

Thank you for looking at our webpage.  If your heart was touched by seeing our work in the Kingdom of Heaven would you please help us reach these people who have little hope beyond what we are doing for the remote areas around Gunter, India.   Please make a donation by clicking the donate button.   

Thank you for your kindness.