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Keroka, Kenya

I am  Edward Ochieng Omondi from Keroka, Kenya, a small town in Kisii Country with an estimated population of 54,655 people.  Keroka is about 15km from the much larger town of Kisii, which is locally known as Bosongo; and is about 281km northwest of Nairobi, our nation's capital.  My wife Grace K. Ombati, and I work together to pastor the United Brethren Church of Keroka, which presently has sixty members.

Thirty years ago Bishop Joshua Gikunda Ngaruthi started the ther United Brethren Churches Ministries in Nairobi, of which I was sent to oversee three churches in Kisii County and another two churches in Tanzania. 

As a youth I was working as a bodyguard and top sportsman in martial arts when a lady was sent to me by God and told me that I needed to get saved.  I resisted what she shared with me even to the point I resigned from my work and lived in the slums of the city of Keroka.  By 2001 I could no longer resist the wooing of the Holy Spirit and the message of Jesus Christ.  I was saved and joined with the United Brethren Church in my city.  I started serving as a youth in the church and later I was appointed as the youth pastor.  This led to being promoted as an assistant pastor with the church headquarters in Nairobi where I was leading in the church services and the intercessory ministry of the church.   Later I was sent to open up a branch church in my city, Keroka. 

By 2009 I had met Grace K. Ombati and we married in our own church.  We have has three children: Angela Ochieng (9),  Victoria Cindi (6), and Joshua Grammon (1).

We are doing different things to keep ourselves from being impoverished.  I do farming of corn, cabbage and beets to help pay rent and educate my own children.  We are teaching the church team and pastors how to do the same so they can get agricultural seeds, farm tools, and later rent large farms.  Women are learning how to farm vegetables to raise money for sewing machines to build their sewing businesses.  My wife is working with the women and have developed a complete line of clothing.

To view the clothing line and place an order click this link:  Clothing Line

Most of the people we minister to are very poor which has given us a vision to build schools for education and training for better work skills and help them to have better ways of growing food and livestock.  We desire to educate and train people how to build better ways to have fresh water and provide for themselves which will grow their economy to overcome poverty.

We do much door to door evangelism by sending out our Training Mission Teams to reach into the surrounding villages.  Many of our pastors are very cautious about going out because this area has a lot witches and sorcerers practicing witchcraft.  This causes the church to fear certain areas. 

We have had special evangelism events where we have hosted as many as 300 university students making 100 church teams going into the villages.  They canvas a region sharing the gospel and building our reputation in the community that our churches truly want to help people.

Our work in Tanzania is very strong.  In March 2014 we were able to hold a conference with the two churches.

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