Kneel Redemption Ministries

Azhagiamandapam, India 

I am Chellappan Edwin Jospeh Raj working ministry in Azhagiamandapam, Tamil Nadu, India with my wife Merlin Jega and my son Jarshom.   We started building our ministry while in Bhutan and chose to return to India because the constitution in Bhutan makes proclaiming the gospel a crime.  We had to do ministry in secret.  To help solve this problem we chose to return to India and settled in the southern city of Azhagiamandapam.


I had been corresponding with Pam Nelligan through her ministry Prayer Chain Online.  We were still in Bhutan and planed on leaving the country in December of 2020.  We were in need of guidance for setting up a website and page so we could start generating donations for the Kneel Redemption Ministries once we were settled in India.  Pam Nelligan recommended that I contact Bless Ministries of Mobile USA who helped with this type thing.  I made contact with Pastor Johnny Holland on October 29, 2020 and he started working with us as partners in ministry.  Once we were settled in Azhagiamandapam we began building our present ministry.

While in Bhutan I worked as a teacher for twenty years.  During this time I starting hearing the Lord say to me, "feed my sheep".   I knew it was the Lord calling me into his service but I kept putting it off because I knew I would have to resign from my job to go into full time ministry.  After being reminded by a prophet that God desired for me to answer His calling, in 2017 I surrendered with my whole heart to the ministry calling.  With my wife's full support be began building the Kneel Redemption Ministries.  In spite of the dangers for Christians in Bhutan we were able to build two congregations.


We left Bhutan in December and migarted into India to start the new work in Azhagiamandapam located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.  Some of the church members traveled with us and some stayed to continue to work there. 


Now that we are relocated in India, and with the help of Bless Ministries Mobile USA, we are concentrating on building up the congregation as we work with refugee camps, hospital ministries, and prison ministries.


I am solely dependent on the Lord for rent as I have rented a building and other ministerial expenses.  We are using the benefits of Bless Ministries Mobile USA to establish this webpage and humbly pray to the Lord for His guidance and protection.


Thank you for looking at our webpage. 

Pray for how the Lord would have you help us reach our vision.  Please click the donate button and help us.


Thank you for your generosity and kindness.