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Matierio, Keragia, Nyanza Provence


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I am Evans Masai Manoti.  My wife, Jeridah Mokaro Evans, and I are the pastor family of the Metierio Christian Faith Fellowship of Metierio, Keragia in the Kisii Nyanza Province of Kenya.  We have been ministering together from the beginning of our marriage in 2004.  We have two sons, Kimbery and Melckzedeck.


The Kenya post-election of 2007 brought much chaos to our country and many people lost their lives.  This resulted in many children being left without parents.  Out of desperate need we took some of the orphaned children into our home to care for their needs.  In the community where we live many people became needy, others were affected with HIV.   I have always had a heart for helping when there was need so we decided to form a church fellowship to have a ways for teach the children and people in our community about the things of God in 2010.  Later in 2019 we added a private school as a means to help the children in their education. 

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Much of our work is spent ministering to the needs of poor, orphans, widows, and physically and mentally impaired in our community.   Besides sharing the gospel with them for hope and blessings in Jesus Christ, we are continually seeking means and ways to help these who have been forgotten in our culture.  Because there are no social programs to help maintain the living conditions of the these needing assistance, our ministry works to bring them food, clothing, education, and a better way of life.

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We had were having difficulty teaching because we came from a false truth where people were not teaching the truths of the Bible.  We were praying for the Lord to open ways we could learn and have understanding, while trying to provide a better means for the orphans and children in our community.  We have need of printable materials and Bible teachings that confirm the things being taught in the Bible.  In our search for understanding we prayed and looked for something to connect to on the internet.  One of the Goggle searches brought up Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  As I read through their website I realized this is the very thing we had been praying for.  I made contact with Bless Ministries and we started having our prayers answered through the teaching of Pastor Johnny Holland, the President and Pastor of Bless Ministries Mobile USA.

To help maintain our own living we hire out two pieces of land for running our small scale farming business.  We use a small part of the vegetables and proceeds to help sustain our family and the rest is used to help the vulnerable and unfortunate people we have under the care of our ministry.


We were running the school to help educated the orphans until the Coronavirus pandemic required us to close the school in April 2020.   It is our prayer that sometime this year we will be able to open the school back up.  Please pray for us and seek the Lord for His blessings so we can have the opportunity to  reopen the school.  Pray for what the Lord would have you do to help us with the means to reopen the school.

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My two homes

First Worship Center

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We continue to face many new problems because of Covid-19, but this has not stopped us.  We will continue ministering the gospel in our community, disciple our church members, and work to open the school again.  Thank you for looking at our webpage.  Please pray for what you can do to help us in this great work.  Remember to pray for our continued success and outreach to the community of Matierio, Kenya.  God bless you for your kindness.

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New Worship Center