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​There is a great need for food and fresh water in most of the communities we have ministries worldwide.  To help ministries supply essential food and clean water we are raising funds to purchase food and equipment for digging wells.  Please look at these two needs posted below and pray for how the Lord would have you help us. 

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​There is a global crisis for fresh water.  Many countries worldwide have serious problems getting clean drinking water much, less the basic sanitation water critical to maintain a healthy life.  Some of our partners in ministry have to walk several miles, one way, to get fresh water.  They carry the water in buckets and plastic tubs, or whatever is light enough for human strength to lift. 


To help solve this problem we are launching our Well Diggers program that will provide ministries the equipment and supplies for digging a well.  The leadership of a ministry will receive our Well Diggers equipment bundle that will include the setup materials and machinery items to place a well in the village they have their church ministry.  We will provide instruction for the procedure and educate the villagers who will be doing the work.  Each ministry will have the ability to place a well in their village and anyone will have opportunity to use the well.  No one will have to pay for its use because the well is being dug for the people of that community.  Bless Ministries and that local ministry will maintain the well so everyone in the surround communities can benefit in having the well.


It is our goal to place the Well Digger equipment in a region and let it stay there.  The ministry that uses the equipment will deliver it to another ministry in a nearby village so that ministry can dig a well for their community.  This is going to be a monumental effort to place these equipment bundles in regions around the world.   We will make this happen one region at a time, one bundle at a time.  The only way this will work is by people reading this webpage and responding with kindness for what they feel is possible for them to do.



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