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Freedom From Slavery

This testimony is from events taking place with Pastor Zeeshan Javed in Faisalabad, Pakistan.


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During one of our prayer meetings in a village near our city Faisalabad, we met a young woman named Ruqaiya.  She requested us to pray for her family, because they were going through hard times and losing all hope in life.  She explained how her father-in-law became enslaved to the owner of a brick kiln by accepting a loan which he was paying back by working in the brick kiln.  Until the loan was paid in full her husband's family was unable to work or live anywhere else.  They lived in the facility of the kiln owner and they were paid very little to reduce the loan.  Ruqaiya's father-in-law died unable to pay the debt so this young family remained in slavery to the brick kiln owner.


When brick kiln owner saw the person who took loan is dead he suddenly started behaving cruelly with them and threatened and forced them to not to leave the work in any condition without paying back his loan. He compelled them to work on his brick kiln.  They had been in this slavery for eight years when Pastor Zeeshan reached out through his webpages and Facebook to seek help for the family.   


In March 2020 we received enough donations to the Life In Christ Ministries that it allowed Ruqaiya and her family to go free from the slavery they were bound to. Please watch these videos showing Rugqiya's family who is now free for the slavery that held them captive due to unfair financial practices in Pakistan.

Ruqaiya and her husband are now free to live and work where they want.  Pastor Zeeshan and the Life In Christ Ministries is seeking help to buy a sewing machine for Ruqaiya so she can sew and make the beautiful clothing of the Pakistani culture.  They are also needing help to purchase a rickshaw for her husband to make a living providing transportation in the city.  The sewing machine and the rickshaw will cost $7700.  This will include the cost of registration, documentations, licensing, fuel and maintenance for one year on the rickshaw; and accessories and raw materials for making clothings with the sewing machine. If you can assist them in these needs please make a donation for the Ruqaiya family.

Pastor Zeeshan and his ministry is now working to free other families from this type of slavery.  

Please pray to see how the Lord would have you help Pastor Zeeshan to continue helping families in slavery become free.    Donate today.

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