It goes without saying that most ministries are contacting us because they need help with money.  Our commission by God is to help ministries understand how to grow ministry.  The first ways to grow ministry is not by obtaining money, it is by growing spiritually, then the Lord begins to prosper your ministry with finances.  Our process and teachings will help you to digest this concept and grow in ways that the Lord has always shown His will.

At this time Bless Ministries Mobile USA has not been graced to have finances we can distribute to our partners.  This is not one of the things God has allowed us to do yet.  If you have contacted us for money, you will be disappointed at first.  Our programs are to help build every part of your ministry not just give you money.   Ministries that will ask for money before they inform and grow in relationship are not ministries of integrity.  You do not deserve something simply because you asked for it.  God is the one who moves in the hearts of people to generate donations, not you or your organization.  If you want donations, build relationships that generate kindness and desire to help from the ones you have relationship with.  Then donations will come by the leadership of the Holy Spirit.


It is our desire to do all we can to help grow finances for your ministry.  We do need all partners to understand their personal income and their ministries income IS NOT our responsibility.  We do plan on assisting ministry but we do not want to be misleading that we are the one responsible for getting your ministry money.  Our efforts here are to assist you in ways to raise donations.  One way we do this is by giving each ministry a way they can work to generating donations through your free webpage or partner description page.


We encourage donations on each ministry webpage or partner description page.  We then provide you with the link address so you can post them on your other social media formats, business cards, letter heads, and emails to enlarge your viewing traffic to your page, and increase the possibility of donations for your ministry.  


All donations are received and processed through the PayPal application.  We then forward donations through other money transfer options like Western Union.   Caution should be used when choosing a money transfer application because of hidden costs. 

Even though PayPal charges are taken out when we receive donations and when we transfer funds to the designated ministry, it still remains one of the lowest processors available.

We want to be perfectly clear that Bless Ministries is not responsible for soliciting donations for our partners in ministry.  Our goal here is to help you learn ways to build an honest donation program that is based on integrity.  If your ministry spends more time asking for money than you do building partnerships with people and organizations, you have misused your purpose as a ministry.