Every partner is placed on a mailing list to receive our International Newsletter.  The Pastor and President of Bless Ministries Mobile USA, Johnny Holland, uses this email to keep in touch with every ministry around the world.  He informs all partners of ministry developments, procedures, and overall business, combined with encouraging words from the Word of God.


To be placed on the mailing list partners must provide their email address.  This is also a tool partners can use to interact with Pastor Johnny by sending him replies or letters of their own concerns.


Pastor Johnny uses this same email mailing list to send his "Study of the Week."  This is a weekly study that is excerpts from the Manthano Library.  There a some partners that are not able to access our free online library.  To grow interest in the library and provide for those who do not have access, Pastor Johnny sends one of the studies each week as an email through our mailing list.