Resurrection Christian Church

Nyamarambe, Kisii, Kenya

Hello, I am Isaac Newton Omwobo, a born again Christian saved and redeemed from all my sins by the blood of Jesus Christ.  I use to keep the law but after I heard the gospel of Jesus being preached in a crusade I saw that I was doing wrong against the will of the Lord.   That day I surrendered my live and was prayed for forgiveness repentance and salivation and I was filled with the holy spirit.  Then I started living a life worth of Christ, for I speak in boldness as Paul when I say "I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation…" Rom 1:16.  

My wife Getrude also loves the Lord.  She helps me evangelizing as the Lord has given her a desire to care for the widows, elderly and senile.  We are blessed with three children, two boys and one girl.  The Lord moved upon us to move to the local community of Nyamarambe where we were to start the Resurrection Christian Church in June 2001.   We minister to the poor, unprivileged, destitute, widows, orphans, elderly and handicapped with passion to see the power of God working in their lives.

The Resurrection Christian Church is in the poor and underdeveloped community where people do not have the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, but they belief in witchcraft, evil spirits worshiping, idols and all manner of demonic practices.  Thanks to the power of God coming forth from our church, the ministry of Jesus Christ is becoming strong as people are turning away from the evil.   We have built a humble church building, but we are thankful to have a place we can call the Resurrection Christian Church in Nyamarambe. 

Our vision is to humble the pride of unbelief in sinful human hearts.  To exalt the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ as we share the love of God, bring salvation and making disciples for the lord Jesus Christ.   Our goal is to bring change in our communities by preaching the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and planting churches in every community.

We are showing the people of Nyamarambe that Jesus will use anyone who is willing to share the good news of Jesus.  Here the elder of our church is teaching.  We approach all of our services with strength and energy so the power of the Holy Spirit is not held back.

We rejoice over the wonderful day of the Lord with singing as we praise the name of Jesus.   Here is my wife Getrude and my daughter presenting a song of worship.  Then I follow up with a message from the Lord.

Pastor Isaac and his wife Getrude have a large vision for the Resurrection Christian Church that includes projects to help the physically impaired and handicapped, help for widows and the elderly, and eventually have a medical clinic in their community.   They are present raising poultry and rabbits to sell and use the money for supporting the ministry of the church.


There are many things Pastor Isaac and Getrude want to do to improve the infrastructure of their community.  The greatest need is ways to maintain fresh water for drinking, cooking, and washing.  Contaminated water is the single largest reason disease spreads in Kenya and on the African continent.    Next is a continued healthy food supply followed with way to have good permanent housing.

We are very thankful for becoming partners with Bless Ministries of Mobile, USA.  They are helping us to become stronger and grow into all our vision as a ministering church in our community.  They have issued us an establishment letter and certificates of license to work as ministers of the gospel under their organization.  They provide us with administrative support, a free online library of study materials, and much more.  This webpage which the provide free is a great help to our ministry.

Please pray of us concerning our work in Nyamarambe, Kisii, Kenya.   Pray for what the Lord would have you do to helps.  Please click the donation button and Bless Ministries of Mobile, USA will send us your kind donation.


Thank you for your kindness.