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Riaonsongo Fellowship Church Center

Ogembo, Kenya

Hello, I am Jairus Onsongo.  I live in Ogembo, Kenya which is 150 miles west of Nairobi, in the western part of Kenya.  

I live in a humble home with my wife Mary. 

We have been married since 2007.

For several years I worked as an evangelist going from house-to-house sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ because I had a deep desire to help people understand the love of God.  In my work I realized God had placed a calling on me to start building a church.  In 2014 I started having services with my mother, three brothers, three sisters, and my wife, Mary.  To God's glory, it was not long and our numbers started to increase.   We now have a nice church building to conduct services and training.

While working as a house evangelist I saw harsh conditions for the children of our area.  Some of the children told me their stories of being without parents and homeless, while others liked with a single parent. 

My wife and I had been married almost two years when we found out that Mary was barren and could not have children.  We decided because there were so many children in need of good homes and good parents, in late 2008 we adopted a son named John.   We later adopted a girl named Incerine, and then before long we adopted two more children.  This got us thinking about helping many more children by having an orphanage center.