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My name is James Dina.  I am the Pastor of Bless Ministries Lagos, Nigeria, and the Ambassador of Ministry for Bless Ministries Mobile USA to the nation of Nigeria.  My ministry is to assist interested churches and ministries in Nigeria to become partners with Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  We want to come alongside independent ministries to assist them with their vision, as the Lord has commissioned them to do. 

I am married to Rachael Dina.

We have two children, Michael and Michelle.


I grew up in a Christian home where my parents were active in God's work.  In 1994 during my college years, I was saved.  My service to God was off and on while I worked for a bank for over nine years.  In 2017 the Lord began showing me truths about Himself and things in the Word of God.  In 2018 I join the Christ Apostolic Church of Lagos, where I received much inspiration in the messages as I continued learning from the Bible. 

Now I am an active bible teacher, private counselor, and an Online Missionary with GLOBAL MEDIA OUTREACH, USA.  I write sermons that are posted online in English, Filipino, Spanish, French and Portuguese Languages.  My sermons are viewed in 128 countries. 

They are available online through:

        Scroll down to James Dina and click on the name.


It is my vision to continue teaching the truth of God's Word to the nations of the world by posting sermons and help the ministries of Nigeria learn the benefits of being in partnership with Bless Ministries Mobile USA.

I first learned of Bless Ministries through Roy Maluki, the pastor of the Pipeline Christian Church International in Nairobi, Kenya.  I subscribe to PRAYER CHAIN ONLINE, and I was praying for a request sent in for Pastor Roy.  Through this, I learned that Pastor Roy was a partner in ministry with Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  As I read Pastor Roy's story posted on, I became intrigued by the website.  After making a connection with Bless Ministries Mobile USA, I became even more inspired by their level of training materials the size of their ministry network.  I shared my story with Pastor Johnny Holland, and he immediately connected with me, my vision, and my desire to see the churches and ministries of Nigeria involved with Bless Ministries of Mobile USA.   Now I am their Ambassador of Ministry, helping this vision to come true.

The following are some of the sermons and studies I have posted on the above-listed sites. 

Click on the title, and the link will link you to the study online.

        Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayers?

Train Up Your Children In The Way Of The Lord

Vain Thoughts

Effects Of God's Word On Prayer


Please take a look at my book EPHPHATHA - BE OPENED!  

Click on the link "Look inside" and you can get a view of what it is like to be opened according to Mark 7:32-35.

The book looks at five topics:

     Spiritual Deafness

     Spiritual Dumbness

     The Gates Must be Opened

     Whatever you lose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven

     Speak Plainly

Thank you for looking at this webpage.  

Please pray for the churches in Nigeria and pray for ways you can help us build up these churches.  Consider donating so we can help the churches of Nigeria with their daily needs.  Please add my name in the notes of the donation form.  Thank you.

Thank you for your kindness.

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