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Land of Sharon Ministries

Guntur, India 

I am pastor Jaya Prakash.  I have been serving the Lord full-time for 16 years.  My wife and I pastor of the Land of Sharon Ministries where we live with our family of three daughters and one son, in Guntur, India.

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Because I was born and raised in a Pastor's family, my parents ensured our home was very spiritual.  We attended all the church services where I sang Sunday School songs and learned the Bible stories.  This caused me to feel the hand of God on my life at a young age but I did not choose to follow this life.  I became addicted to the sinful things in life and many people hated me because I was a pastor's son.  My mother always prayed for me that I would come to salvation in Jesus Christ.  I lost my chances of having an education and my father was willing to support me if I would enter into biblical studies so I went to the bible college, though I was without salvation. 

While in Bible college the Lord changed my life.   On Friday, June 30, 2000, people were in the chapel worshiping the Lord and I chose to join them and started worshiping the Lord also.  That night the Holy Spirit visited me and I confessed my sins as the Lord filled me with the Holy Spirit.  The Lord spoke to me through the scriptures Jeremiah 1:9,10; and Luke 4:18.  As I read in these two scriptures I came to the decision that I must do the work of the Lord.  I committed my life to Him.  I continued studying there in Chennai for once year and finished my studies in Bangalore for three years. 

In 2004 I returned to my hometown of Guntur and started helping my parents in their ministry.  I became interested in building a ministry among the Hindus, in an area that did not allow Christians to build a church.  I continued making visits to pray for people in their homes and conducted small services in homes.  In 2009 I registered the ministry as a means of social work and named it the Land of Sharon Ministries.

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On May 20, 2010, I was married to Powline.  Our children are Clara, Aronica, Deborah, and Jason.  Powline works with women who have lost their husbands.  She helps these women with raising their children.  We also work with young people through job oriented training programs to help them develop skills in computer works, DTP, photography.

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Our vision is to equip disciples that have received Jesus Christ as their savior to be prepared to share the gospel for the next generation.  We want to help grow ambassadors to help carry the gospel and grow churches across the land of India.

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Bless Ministries Mobile USA is helping us to grow in knowledge and understanding as we reach deeper into the things of the Holy Spirit.  We plan to take full advantage of our partnership so we can bring real change to the people of India.

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Thank you so much for view our ministry page.  Pray for our work, and pray for what you can do to help us reach the many people who have not heard about Jesus yet.  Click on the donate button to make a donation.

Please enter "Jaya Prakash" in the notes of the donation form.


Thank you for your generosity and kindness. 

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