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Amazing Grace Church, of Gesonso

Gesonso, Kenya

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I am Joel Keraa.  My wife and I work together with our four sons and two daughters as the pastor family for the Amazing Grace Church, of Gesonso, Kenya.


My wife: Joyce Nyanduko Joel

Three sons


Family and Youth

We are established under Bless Ministries of Mobile USA through the good work of Pastor Richard Marungu in Marani, Kenya.  Here he is presenting me with my certicate of license from Bless Ministries Mobile USA. You can view Pastor Richard Marungu's webpage by going back to the Kenya list of ministries and selecting Richard Marungu of Bless Ministries Church of Marani.


I come from the Seventh Day Adventist churches were I was baptized in 1991.  In 2018 I was attending a crusade being help by Pastor Richard Marungu in market center of Nyamarambe, Kenya.  Pastor Marungu held the crusade with a team of pastors who were preaching things I had never heard in the Seventh Day Adventist churches.  The crusade lasted for three weeks of which I was attending in the afternoon sessions.  The messages were challenging to my faith, causing me to see I had a greater need to be a part of the Bless Ministries work being done in Kenya.  The spiritual authority these preachers were showing moved me to desire what they were teaching.  This one evening Pastor Richard invited those who needed a change in their soul to surrender to the friendship of Jesus Christ and receive the power of God.  That same day I decided to follow Jesus Christ as my savior and join the work being done by Bless Ministries of Kenya.

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After sitting under the teaching of Pastor Richard, I felt the calling to pastor and build a church.  My wife and I sought the leading of the Lord and we were able to start building a church in Gesonso, Kenya in the early part of 2018.  We were established through Bless Ministries Mobile USA on November 30, 2018.

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