Nyansakia Christ Faith Fellowship

Ogembo, Kenya

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I am John Kamanda Matureti, a pastor from Kisii County in the Nyanza Province of Kenya in East Africa.  My wife, Sibiah Nyabonyi, and I serve the people of Ogembo, a small farming town in Kisii County, Kenya.  The inhabitants are known as the abagusii community that goes back to the 1860's and has slowly become a commercial center for Indian investors.

We were blessed with seven children whereby five are girls two are boys.  In March of 2016 one of our girls died at the age of 24, leaving us to care for her 11 year old daughter. 

We continue ministering as a family with my wife leading our women's ministry and my children singing and leading the youth Bible studies.  Our main aim and prayers to our Most High Living God is to partner with other true servants of God who have the heart, the hope, and the faith for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ as a Holy word, for the saving of souls and to bring people into a better understanding of who Jesus Christ is. 

I grew up with parents in a Roman Catholic Church and went to the Catholic sponsored school.  While in high school I was chosen as the leader of the Student Christian Union, which I held for three years.  During this time I was visiting one of my cousins who lived in our capital city of Nairobi.  As I was out one day in the center of the city I saw a white man speaking to a large congregation of people.  I tried to get nearer so I could hear what was going on.  I later learned that white man was a preacher from Norway who was there ministering through the Calvary Sanctuary Church.  The more I listened the more curious I became about what he was saying.  He was preaching out of the book of Matthew from 24:14. . .many people are called but few are chosen.  Because of my Catholic faith I knew the Catholic doctrine only allowed the priests to lead the church.  So I asked myself, "How can I be one among the chosen servants for ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Holy Bible tells us?"  While the man of God was continuing to preach to the congregation he asked for those who were sick, having troubles, or needed saved to come forward.  I was the 97th person among others, who went forward for prayer.  That day I was saved!

Three days later I was on my way home with the desire to tell my family and the surrounding community what the Lord had done in my life.  When I reached my home I started telling everyone about how the Almighty Living God saved me and changed me.  I continued praying God would strengthen me with the Holy Spirit so that I would be able to preach the truth gospel of Jesus Christ.  People started coming to my home for prayer and to hear more from the Holy Word as they urged me to have Bible Studies.  As I continued preaching, one by one, more people responded to the truths of the Word of God.  I started going door to door, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  From all the people that were responding we started a young church fellowship we named Nyansakia Christ Faith Fellowship.  We agreed that our main focus would be to share the Holy Word of God and reach the unreachable as we bring them nearer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We started with 13 members excluding the children and we currently have 97 adults not counting the children.

My wife Sibiah, and I are committed servants of God who intend on bringing this new fellowship of believers into a stronger understand of the Bible and the will of God for their lives.  To do this better we started searching for someone who could help us with experience and knowledge in building successful ministries.  It was after much prayers to our caring Lord he leading us to the Bless Ministries Mobile USA website through a Google search.   I humbly thank our Saving Lord for directing me to this wonderful and helpful ministry that is serving the Lord’s people around the world.   Glory be to our caring Lord Jesus Christ for Bless Ministries' great help through teachings, administrative guidance, and online presence that is building us up to serve our community even better.

The greatest way we can progress our ministry forward is by helping poor and needy souls turn their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.  This will cause our fellowship to progress physically and spiritually.  We do much house to house evangelism while visiting the prisoners, the sick, and going into the hospitals.  We offer prayers of hope while giving spiritual advice to all we see.

In June and July 2017  Pastor Johnny Holland, the founder of Bless Ministries Mobile USA, sent us sponsorship letters and certificates of license for our churches and pastors.  Our ministry has expanded to a total of four churches.


Here are their pastors and church workers, some receiving their documents.

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Because our people are poor, it is necessary for me to be a small scale farmer and raise cattle for most of our food supply.  We have one cow we use for milk.  We do understand God will grow and multiply the efforts we put into ministering the gospel so that our farming and livestock will increase to help sustain us.  We also understand the Almighty God will honor our work and He will move in our favor for our financial needs to keep growing our ministry.

John Kamanda (Right)
Nyansakia Christ Faith Fellowship
Sibiah Nyabonyi
Wife of John Kamanda
Nyansakia Christ Faith Fellowship
Paul Onkware
Youth Leader
Nyansakia Christ Faith Fellowship
Lydiah Nyaboke
Chior Leader
Nyansakia Christ Faith Fellowship
Vincent Casiano Abuga
Preaching and Evangelist
Matongo Christ Faith Fellowship
Those Receiving Documents
Not all were present that day.
Lawrence Ndege Onduso
Fellowship Leader
Ibencho Christ Faith Fellowship
Haron Getui
Youth Leader
Nyansakia Christ Faith Fellowship
Vincent C. Abuga/Wife Alice N. Abuga
Evangelist and Orphan Care
Matongo Christ Faith Fellowship
Nyamiobo Christ Faith Fellowship
Paul Onkware/Wife Lydiah Nyaboke
Youth Teacher and Choir Leader
Nyansakia Christ Faith Fellowship
John N. Onango/Wife Anna B. Arogo
Evangelist and Children Teacher
Mosobeti Christ Faith Fellowship
Lucas O. Ombogo/Wife Rose B. Onduso
Matagaro Christ Faith Fellowship
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We are thankful to be partners with Bless Ministries Mobile USA which is building us up in Christ by their teachings, their experience, and their motivation to speak new and good life into all we do.  This partnership is multiplying all our efforts and giving us great hope that God is with us.  As God continues to pour into Bless Ministries Mobile we will have more available through their ministry and we will use what they share with us as good servants of God, to grow the Kingdom of Heaven even more in Kenya.


Please remember to pray for this boy in the picture (left), his name is  Denis Kibaki.  He was born with no hands and only part of his arms.   Pastor John Nyakegita Onango of our Mosobeti fellowship is standing with the boy and his mother.  Pray for God to continue helping them with all their needs.

Please pray of us concerning all our work for the Kingdom of God. 

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