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Nyagancha Christian Fellowship
Nyagancha, Kenyenya, Kenya


I am Brian John Moogi, working with my wife Divinah Nyaboke Ezekiel, building the Nyagancha Christian Fellowship in Nyagancha, Kenyenya, Kenya.


About three years ago, the Lord called me in a dream to gather with people and share the gospel with them.  This caused me to ask myself, Why would the Lord give me such a dream?"  I started seeking the Lord even more in prayer to show me how I was to gather people to meet with.  I began asking people from different religions for spiritual advice.


After gathering all the advice and information I could, I started ministering with three families who joined with me to have Bible studies together.  We spent time praying and learning more from the Bible, and the Lord added people to our group.  We are now having 19 people coming to the bible studies.  It soon became our desire to become a fully organized church carrying out the will of the Lord.

In trying to find good teaching materials, we connected with Bless Ministries of Mobile, Alabama.  Pastor Johnny Holland encouraged us to use all the study materials in the Manthano Library, and he started working with us to become partners in ministry with Bless Ministries.  All of the materials on their website were free and downloadable.

We had complete freedom to use any of the website's information to help build our ministry.


After providing Bless Ministries Mobile USA with the required information and pictures, we sent our partnership documents establishing our bible study group as the Nyagancha Christian Fellowship of Nyagancha, Kenya.  We are truly grateful that the Lord has connected us with Bless Ministries to continue having our spiritual and physical needs met by the flow of blessings administered by the Bless Ministries Mobile USA website.


We supply our physical needs through our small-scale farming, brick making, and poultry keeping.  This does not meet every need, but we are thankful for the Lord's blessings on our work.  The crops make a way that helps our family and the church.


We are so new we lean much on the teachings from Pastor Johnny Holland at the Manthano Library.  We are very grateful for the opportunity to use these resources for the good of our ministry.  We look forward to using much of the things provided through Bless Ministries to do the same things here in Kenya.


Please pray for us and pray for ways the Lord would have you help us.  Because we are a new ministry, we have much to learn and even more to do because we understand all that the Lord gives to us to become the blessing for many other people and churches in the world.


Thank you for looking through our webpage.  Continue praying for your needs and for a way you can come alongside our vision and help.  When you donate, please enter "Moogi" in the notes of the donation form.  We are building this ministry for the glory of the Lord and the kingdom of God.


Thank you so much for your kindness.

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