Christ Holy Prayer House Ministries Anuru, India

I am John Moses, the son of Satyanarayanan and Satyanathi.  My formal name is Velugu Sivakumar.  In 2003 my mother, Satyanathi, started the Christ Holy Prayer House Ministry located in Anuru, India.  Since then we have established two churches.  I am the Senior Pastor and we have eleven ministers helping us to preach the gospel to the people and region of Anuru, India.


Being raised by a woman of God, I was taught from the Bible.  My mother insured we understood the gospel and that God has a plan for each of us.  She lived the Christian life before us as she served the Lord ministering to all the people of our community.  While I was in higher education I had a vison about the work of the Lord and the call of God on my life.  I was not true to the calling and I rejected the plan God had for me.  After I finished my formal education I enrolled in a theological school but not for the right reasons.  After graduation I started working in a school as an English teacher.  While teaching the Lord reminded me about His calling.  The burden for serving the Lord was so heavy on me I resigned from teaching in 2009 and surrendered to the ministry.


Working with my mother and the ministry staff, we continue building the ministry for the two churches in the Anuru area.  We hold many open-air meetings, work with children and orphans, prepare food for the hungry, and go house to house sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The struggles here are difficult because our people do not have many resources.  We are hardworking people who use what we have to support the ministry.  Donations are few, but we have influenced some local people to believe in our vision for the city and region and they help us by donating from time to time.

In March 2018 I was on the internet researching information for preaching when I noticed the website  As I looked through the site my heart was touched with the passion this ministry has for other ministries around the world.  The more I read the more I wanted their leadership and administrative advice to help our ministry.  Bless Ministries Mobile USA is being used by God to bring healing and spiritual revival to the hearts of our people who are hungry and thirsty for His word and learning how to be in His presence.  I reached out to the ministry by sending an email. 

I received information from them that started there process of becoming a partner in ministry.

Bless Ministries Mobile USA 

We are now working on the construction of a new church building.  The work is going well and we hope to finish soon.

Once we worked through their process Bless Ministries Mobile USA endorsed us as an established ministry with them and they issued licenses to all of our ministry staff.   

Continued progress in our construction.


In the meantime we continue doing the work of the ministry.  We preach the gospel, baptize those who are saved, disciple the new members, an worship the Lord together.

Thank you for looking at this webpage. 

Please help us by making a donation. Your kindness will make a difference for the people of Anuru, India.

Thank you.