Matangamano Redeemed Ministry
Matangamano, Kenya

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Hello, I am Pastor John Nyabuto Onyancha, pastor of the Matangamano Redeemed Ministry in Matangamano, Nyaisero sub-county, Kisii, Kenya.  We are a branch church sent out by the main campus church, also located in Kisii County.  My wife, Anna Kerubo, and I work together building this new branch church to show forth God's manifestations and glory as we evangelize our surrounding communities with the gospel. 

I am the firstborn of my parents Mzee and Pauline.  I have one brother and four sisters, of which two of my siblings are deceased.  We are from the village of Matangomano in the Sengera Division of Kisii County, Kenya.  Our parents were good about taking us to church and Sunday School.  We learned all of the Bible stories like Samson, David, and Solomon.  This foundational training kept my faith strong that I carried into my adult life.

Our family was poor and unable to pay fees for school, which forced me to drop out of school.  I was able to arrange a way to attend a technical school where I trained as a driver.  In 1984 I acquired my CDL card that enabled me to start having temporal contracts as a private driver.


I was married to Anna Kerubo in 1985.  We have had six children: Samuel, Vane, Amos, Joyce, James, and David.


In the Sunday School of the Matangamano Redeemed Ministry church, I showed leadership skills that moved the church to appoint me as their assistant pastor in 2002. 

While driving a rural to urban run in 2005, my vehicle had mechanical problems where something burst, causing me to lose control, resulting in an intense accident.  My injuries were so severe it was necessary to amputate one of my legs.   The support of my family and church helped me through the convalescent time and to continue growing in Christ Jesus.  The mercy of our Lord and Savior has helped me rise above the struggles of losing a leg.  I remained the church's assistant pastor until 2010, when they sent my family out as the new pastor family for their branch church in the Sengera Division of Kisii County.

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We continue to reach out to the drug-addicted, sexually abused, abandoned, orphans and widows with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.   In May of 2021, we connected with Bless Ministries Mobile USA, receiving valuable teaching and guidance from Pastor Johnny Holland.  Our vision is to continue using the lessons on their website as tools for training, and we stand with them in faith, waiting for the hand of the Lord to manifest promises for finances that can assist us in our present needs.


Bless Ministries Mobile USA issued certificates of licenses and establishment to us in July 2021.

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Thank you for view our webpage. 

Would you please pray how you might help us and let the Holy Spirit guide you as you continue praying for us?  Thank you so very much.