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Abundant Life Socio Evangelical Mission

Dommeru, Kovvur, India

I am Jonnakuti Sekhar Babu, an evangelist serving the people of West Godavari, Andra Pradesh, India.  My wife, Mounika and I, minister together among the marginalized people of India encouraging social development and evangelical growth for spiritual life in Jesus Christ.  It is our calling to help those of our society that have been forgotten and made to believe they are unimportant and powerless in the Indian culture.   


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We train people in social skills as we share the gospel by holding children and youth camps, doing street evangelism and open-air preaching.  We want to help the poor and forgotten people in our society to understand their lives matter and that everyone has the right given to them by the Creator, to become educated, able, and loved because the love of God has provided for their better welfare.  Our programs reach the orphans and poor, showing that they can become useful and have a purpose for living.



I was born in a poor family where my parents were illiterates. They were daily labors who like most people, had to work if we want to eat.   I faced many challenges during my childhood because we generally had no food or proper housing.  My parents struggled to send me to school until somehow I was enrolled in the government school where I got free studies.  My mother was the first person in our family to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  She was the first person to introduce me to Jesus Christ and the love of God.  It was unfortunate that she passed away when I was fourteen years old due to mouth cancer.   I watched her struggle with the disease until it took her life.  This left me as a down casted, lonely and without hope because I had no one to take care of me.

Because my mother showed me the true love of God, I would read in the Bible hoping for some comfort in the miserable Iife I was enduring.  One day I was reading in Isaiah 59:1 which help me to understand that God could hear me and that my sins were the barriers that kept me from knowing God.  That day I accepted the Lord as my Savior and invited him into my heart.  Because I was just a youth of 14 years old, I did not know what to do so I continued praying and seeking the Lord.


One day I was praying and reading in the Bible when I saw in a dream that I was preaching among the people.  This vision caused a hunger in my heart to serve the Lord until my last breath.  In time I started working with Rev. Kolli Sakshi, who helped me to grow and understand many things in ministry.

In 2014 I was married to Mounika who is a Godly woman that has always encouraged me in ministry.  Though we struggled to survive the hard times we faced being ministers in a difficult economy, our marriage is strong because of our united faith in Jesus Christ.  We started building the Abundant Life Socio Evangelical Mission together and today we are a husband and wife ministry team that leads pastors and spiritual workers to unite, as one in the Body of Christ, to show people how to overcome the social limitations demanded upon those who are poor and left out.



Rev. Kolli Sakshi Babu

Bless Ministries Mobile USA 

In April 2017 Rev. Kolli Sakshi Babu become a partner with Bless Ministries Mobile USA which introduced us to teachings and church concepts that we both agreed upon.  You can see Rev. Kolli's webpage by selecting his name under the India list of ministries on this website.  As we continued growing our ministry I wanted to partner our ministry with Bless Ministries also.  We made contact with them in July of this year (2019) and today we also are partners in ministry.


Our vision is to help people understand that all people have purpose and are useful in a community.  Everyone can become a needed individual for their community if they are given the right encouragement and education.  When we combine this with the gospel of Jesus Christ, individuals, families and communities prosper from the benefits of knowing who Jesus is.  We want to help people become informed and energized to seek knowledge in the Bible and become educated in ways to develop skills that will help them provide for themselves as they build up their local economies.  It is our desire to build a home of the aged and an orphanage for the many orphans that roam the streets of our villages and cities.  We desire to help the many poor pastors in our community churches by helping generate monthly support.  


Social skill and spiritual knowledge can be taught to people through education.  One of our visions is to  make schools available for the poor and needy so they can overcome their present conditions.  We want to train preachers and church workers so they can help our social communities to understand what the Lord excepts of churches, businesses, and governments.  Our vision is to build lower level schools and a bible institute for training every age individuals.   Bless Ministries Mobile USA is working with us to open a Manthano School of Ministries in our area that will accommodate anyone no matter their economic situation in life.  The bible college agenda is designed to bring educational change by training students that learning is an experience not an academic process.  If you would like more information about our Manthano School of Ministries, please contact us by selecting this link to send us an email:

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We enjoy sharing the gospel in the streets as we rally to bring children to our children and youth camps.


Our open crusades are bringing many people into the kingdom of God as they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


Thank you for view our webpage.  Please pray about what the Lord would have you do to assist us in this great vision and ministry to reach those who have been left out in our society.   If you donate, please enter my name in the notes of the donation form.


Thank you for your kindness and remember to pray for us.


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