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3001 East H. Street, Russellville, AR 72802

(479) 967-4810

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This is the home church of David and Ranaye Verdu's family.  Coach Verdu and Ranaye are the co-founders of Way Beyond Measure with Bless Ministries Mobile USA.


Steve and Tonya Pyle began full time ministry in 1992  just two months after their wedding.  In 1993 they became the Youth pastors here in Russellville.  They served in Youth ministry until 2002 when Steve became the Lead Pastor.   Steve and Tonya have three children, Caitlin, Chase, and Brooke, one dog (Archie).


Journey Church is on the cutting edge of showing a how to be a community church for everyone.  They use most of their facilities to help the needs of people in their city and the surrounding community.


Our belief is that as people become more like Christ, their lives make a positive impact on the lives of others.  Christ came to serve and his followers make a difference through serving.  Serving others is characteristic of Christ which makes followers of Christ obvious to others.  Christ was attractive to those far from him because he loved them through serving.  The church (God’s people) become attractive the same way.  Serving others changes the lives of those who serve and those being served.  Serving is a great way to grow, meet others, and discover your calling.


Serving opportunities are available through Groups, corporate gatherings and every day in our lives at work, school and neighborhoods.  Look for the opportunity and jump in!  


Bless Ministries Mobile USA is proud to partner with Journey Church of Russellville, Arkansas, as they set new trends and show every community how to be a loving and inspiring church for this new age of evangelism.


Please take the time and look at their website:

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