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Tribal Gospel and Service Ministry

Pydipaka, India

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Hello, I am Pastor Kavala Gangadhar.  My wife and I have been building churches among the tribal people in the hilly region of the West Godavari District, in India.  Our work is filled with joy and great satisfaction that people are coming to know Jesus as their savior, and enlarging the Kingdom of Heaven.

I was born in a small Tribal village called Pydiapaka, that is located in West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India.  My father, Dayanadharao, an alcoholic person, used to worship lifeless things.  He would go with my mother to idol temples and made animal sacrifices to idols.  They did not know about God or Jesus Christ, because there was no pastor or evangelist in our village that time.  One day, an evangelist visited our tribal village and preached the word of God, teaching about Jesus Christ, the crucifixion, and the resurrection.  That message touched my mother's heart causing her to want to know more about Jesus Christ.  She got a new testament bible from the evangelist and used to read secretly, because my father was not interested in reading the bible or knowing more about Jesus Christ.

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When the evangelist returned to my village he invited people to his gospel crusade.  My mother and some other women in the village wanted to go to the meetings.  She asked my father to go with them but he did not accepted the invitation.  After some time my father was hospitalized with a decease in his lungs, keeping him from breathing.  My mother had already believed that Jesus Christ was her personal Savoir so she kept praying for my father.   After few days he was completely healed from illness and came home with good health.  My mother continued telling my father how he was healed by faith in Jesus Christ.  He slowly listened and started showing interest to Jesus Christ until one day he repented from his sin.  He attended some salvation meetings and was touched by Holy Spirit with power.  My father was delivered from his sins and accepted Jesus as his personal savoir. My mother and father were both baptized in water.  It was 1980.

In 1985 my father began to preach the Word of God to the tribal people of our region.  He was the first person to build a church and share the gospel for the tribal people.  Not many responded that year, but he continued holding church services and preaching in many places to reach the people.

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My parents had no children and my mother continued praying to the Lord for a child.  She promised to offer her child up for the Lord's service, if He would favor her with one.  After almost twenty-two years of marriage I was born to my parents in 1985.  I am their only child, a gift from God, who they dedicated to God's service that same year.  I accepted Jesus as my savior as a child as my parents have trained me to seek the will of God with commitment for all He would have me to in the Kingdom of God.  I received the Baptism at the age of sixteen.  I have been helping my father in the ministry since then.

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In 2009 I was married to my wonderful wife.  After our first born was six months old we moved to a the small village of Sarugudu, India to preach and teach the tribal people.  We were living in a small hut where I would teach the tribal children in the morning and evenings.  I educated the adults during the day and ministerd to the sick and those in the hospitals.  Once the people saw the work I was doing they started coming to the church for services.  Our first service was with a few women and five children.  The ministry has grown to services in two villages now, Sarugudu and Pydipaka.  We are holding gospel campaigns in several more tribal villages were we continue reaching out more and more to win the precious souls of the tribal people into the Kingdom of God.

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We work with fifteen other co-pastors to teach the people of the tribal areas and assist them with the many social problems they face.  We meet twice a month as a group to discuss gospel campaigns and bible lessons.   Because we do not have proper vehicles for traveling, we are limited to buses or walking in the hilly areas.  We have become partners in ministry with Bless Ministries Mobile USA to receive guidance and experience that can help us to expand inside the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Bless Ministries helps us to grow in our spiritual understanding and material needs. 


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The ministry among the tribal people brings many challenges because the people are so poor.  They struggle to have food, clothing and the essentials for living.  Though many live in this economic crisis,  we are living by faith, knowing that the Lord keeps us in all things.

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One of our greatest challenges among the churches is bibles.  The people need bibles in their native language Telugu.  Of those who do read and write, the Telugu language is the only one the know.  Without bibles in their own language they are unable to read from the Word of God.  Train is slow and difficult.  Please consider helping us get bibles to those who do not have them.

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Thank you for looking at my webpage.  Please join with us in prayer for the many areas of need our people have.  Pray for food, clothing, and education needs, and bibles.  Pray for how the Lord would have you help us.  You can make a donation to our ministry by clicking the donate button.  All you give will go to make life better for the tribal people in our region.


Thank you so very much.

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