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I am Kolli Sudhakar, an independent Lord’s servant, working for the kingdom of God in Anaparthi East Godavari District, A.P. State, India.


Angel Ministries

Anaparthi, East Godavari District

A.P., India


Co-Pastor: Ramayanam Madhu

Wife: Ramayanam Jyothi Swaroopa

Having been called by the Almighty into his eternal service to lead all souls towards the immortal path of Jesus Christ, I have been spreading gospel in the villages populated mostly with Hindu people for the last 12 years.  These souls are perishing for lack knowledge of who the true Lord and Savior is.  We work to serve both God and mankind with free food and clothing for those who are in great distress.


India is vastly populated with millions of souls that need to be brought to Christ.  The harvest truly is plenteous here, but we have so few laborer's.  This is why we reach out to other nations, for financial support to keep moving forward.  Most Indian people are poor and unable to give anything for the support of the ministry.  Even those Christians who attend our churches every week cannot give because they don't have anything.  Therefore, we look to the Lord's people in nations that might be able to help.

It has become a great burden for us to build up our gospel outreaches and activities because the pastors and co-pastors are unable to feed the poor due to our present financial crisis.  The local donations are not sufficient to reach our holy targets

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I was born to a middle class family, in 1988, in the village of Anaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, India.  I had a normal childhood until everything changed when I graduated in 2003 from my lower level education.  My friends and I became attracted to bad habits.  We decided to leave our homes and go to Badrachalam in Andhra Pradesh.  I took on some small jobs to make a living for myself.  My friends turned on me by cheating me out of things and treating me as an enemy.  I became very lonely and depressed to the point I decided to die.  I went to the River of Godavari to drown myself and as I reached the river I heard a voice speak to me, "My Children go back to your home.  I will use you to serve my people."  I was shocked and became very excited.  I knew this was the voice of God.  No one in my family had ever been interested in God or going to church.  After several days I returned home where I joined a local church to start my service for the Lord God.

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As my relationship which Jesus Christ grew I was accepted as an assistant to the pastor.  With his help I was able to learn much more about Jesus the being a servant for him.  In 2007 I was filled with the Holy Spirit and I started holding gospel meetings with my co-pastors.  Through these years Jesus has proven himself faithful to me and everyone involved with Angel Ministries.

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It is our vision to: 

 1. Teaches Jesus' words to every tribal area.

 2. Build new Churches in backward villages.

 3. Hold Bible studies and Bible colleges in Tribal and village areas.

 4. Serve food to the poor and needy.

 5. Have free education for the poor and orphaned people.

 6. Build new orphanages and senior homes for those in need.

 7. Distribute Bibles everywhere.

 8. Hold free medical camps every month in the backward villages and tribal areas.

 9. Financial stability for me, my staff and all co-pastors.


We are striving to establish many more ministries and bible colleges as the Lord provides us with people and opportunities.  We presently have co-pastors and meeting places in the following villages and cities.  

1. Vizianagaram Dt ( A.P) India

2. Visakhapatnam Dt ( A.P) India

3. Srikakulam Dt ( A.P) India

4. Tadepalli Ggudem (E.G Dt ( A.P) India

5. Elore (W.G Dt A.P) India


In hopes to expand out possibilities in ministry I found Bless Ministries Mobile USA on the internet and we started working through their partnership program to become an established ministry.  In July we received our establishment letter and my certificate of licenses from Bless Ministries


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Here are some of the other pastors receiving their certificates of licenses from Bless Ministries Mobile USA.



Thank you for looking at our webpage.  Please pray and ask the Lord how you can help us.  This is a good work for the kingdom of heaven and your seed offering will be planted in good ground here.  We still have much work to do.  Your kind donation will be so appreciated and well used. 


Thank you so very much.