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I am Kolli Sudhakar, an independent Lord’s servant, working for the kingdom of God in Anaparthi East Godavari District, A.P. State, India.


Angel Ministries

Anaparthi, East Godavari District

A.P., India

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Co-Pastor: Ramayanam Madhu

Wife: Ramayanam Jyothi Swaroopa

Having been called by the Almighty into his eternal service to lead all souls towards the immortal path of Jesus Christ, I have been spreading gospel in the villages populated mostly with Hindu people for the last 12 years.  These souls are perishing for lack knowledge of who the true Lord and Savior is.  We work to serve both God and mankind with free food and clothing for those who are in great distress.


India is vastly populated with millions of souls that need to be brought to Christ.  The harvest truly is plenteous here, but we have so few laborer's.  This is why we reach out to other nations, for financial support to keep moving forward.  Most Indian people are poor and unable to give anything for the support of the ministry.  Even those Christians who attend our churches every week cannot give because they don't have anything.  Therefore, we look to the Lord's people in nations that might be able to help.

It has become a great burden for us to build up our gospel outreaches and activities because the pastors and co-pastors are unable to feed the poor due to our present financial crisis.  The local donations are not sufficient to reach our holy targets