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I am Kommu Prabhakara Rao but most people call me Prabbnhaakar. 

Here I am with my wife Sonia, daughter Rajqumari, and son Srikanth.


Living Word Ministries 

Rajahmundry Town, India

We are the pastor family of "Jeeva Vakya Paricharya" which is interpreted Living Word Ministries located in Rajahmundry Town, India.  When we first started our ministry it was out of an innovative idea to organize and produce  "Night Glow Stickers" with scripture verses printed on them.  These stickers shine in the dark and are easily seen at night.  Our purpose was to sell the stickers at an affordable price so churches and Christians could have them to display.  The proceeds of the stickers were to be used for helping orphans, the elderly and the poor of the churches we were partnering with in the Christian communities.

As we found more and more people who were helpless and in distress, it became very annoying that we were unable to meet the need for all the people.  We realized the greatest answer to their needs was the gospel.  We started organizing outreaches of door to door gospel campaigns and cottage meetings.  We gave out Christian tracts and began supply food and clothing where we could.  When we would visit churches to distribute the Night Glow Stickers we started gaining their support in our efforts.  Our ministry has expanded beyond our state of Andhra Pradesh to the states of Telangana and Odisha.

Please go to our personal website and see more about our work.  Click here:

It is our vision to empower Christian communities across India in both spiritual and earthly matters.  Our ministry is showing churches and Christian people how they can build ministry and work an organization at the same time.  This is a new idea for the people of India.  Ministry here has a great need to continually raise the finances need for growing good and strong churches.  The people are mostly poor and have very little.  Our example of ministry and working can help the families that minister while building a strong viable church that is able to truly provide needed things for those under hardships.

A friend of mine in Rajahumundry Town shared with me about a ministry on the internet that gives assistance to other ministries around the world.  When I looked at their website I was filled with great joy over the vision of Bless Ministries Mobile USA.  I made contact with the ministry and we started working through their process to become a partner in ministry.  We are now endorsed and recognized by Bless Ministries Mobile USA as a partner and they are endorsing all of the 400 pastors we have partnered with through our business organization.  Here are three of our pastors receiving their certificates of endorsement. 

We continue reaching into our communities by going house to house, street by street sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  We continue holding meetings and building more ministries in three states as we ordain more pastors to build the kingdom of God.

Please consider our ministry as you pray for us.  You can assist us by making a donation to help us continue reaching the lost people of our surrounding area.  Click on the donation button and give according to what the Lord has placed on your heart.  Pastor Johnny Holland has promised your kind offering will be sent to us.


Thank you for reading our webpage and please remember to pray for us.   

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