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Living Fountain Ministries

Guntur, India

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Pastor Prabhakar Kondepogu, who goes by Pastor KP, has established 82 church with 53 pastors since 2004.  It is Pastor’s KP’s vision to have 5000 churches and 3000 pastors and evangelist by the year 2035.  One church and one pastor has built almost 100 churches, with Bless Ministries help, we plan to reach the 2035 vision.

Living Fountain Ministries holds crusades and pastor conferences several times a year to stimulate and encourage the pastors as they build their congregations.  

The pastor conferences help to teach and train all 53 pastors and is a means for distributing Bibles, training materials, blankets and other items for their ministries. 

Village crusades expose the pastors and churches to their local communities while sharing the gospel in the villages and cities.

Pastor KP and the Living Fountain Ministries of Guntur has been very successful to build a strong preaching and teaching ministry for the people of the Andhra Pradesh District located in the lower eastern side of the nation of India. 

Pastor KP is passionate about the people of India being able to read and understand the Bible and training materials of the Christian faith.  He works diligently translating into their native language of Telugu.  English is spoken as a national language for India, however there are many of their population that cannot read English.  To help teach the people Pastor KP is translating study materials and scripture so they can read in their own language.

The Living Fountain Ministries has a huge vision to see the many orphans and homeless have shelter, food, and clothing.  The harsh conditions most people have to live in, makes life difficult for the Indian people.   This results in parents and family members dying at young ages.  The Indian society is filled with homeless and orphaned children because of these difficult living conditions. 

Here are some of the orphans they are caring for now.