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Life Church of Mobile, Alabama


8701 Zeigler Blvd, Mobile, AL 36608

(251) 633-5433

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In 1962 Lott Road Baptist Church called Dick and Pat Braswell from Mars Hill, Mississippi, to be there pastor.


In 1976, while teaching at Liberty Bible College in Pensacola, Florida, Bro. Dick meets a young man from Virginia named Scott Howard.  Pastor Braswell invited Scott to join the leadership team of Lott Road Baptist Church.  Bro. Scotty introduced a new wave of worship using scripture choruses that began a transformation in their freedom to praise God during services.


A chain of events lead by the Holy Spirit moved the church into a spiritual renewal as the leadership and church members started experiencing the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


The ministry complex became landlocked and there was a need to expand the entire campus.  The homes of the members were plotted on a map of the Mobile area and a central point was marked as a potential target to begin building a new church building and school.  Inside the marked area on the map was a triangular shaped piece of property that was available for sale on Zeigler Boulevard.  They purchased the land and began construction on the new home for Life Church, Mobile, Alabama.


To date Life Church of Mobile has supported missionaries and their work in Haiti, Liberia, Ukraine, the Asian Pacific, Australia, Latvia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Ghana, Romania, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Israel, Honduras, Mexico, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Russia.


In 2009 Dick Braswell retired as Senior Pastor after 47 years, ending an incredible journey of faith, hope and perseverance.  Pastor Scotty and Susan Howard became the Senior Pastors and the miracle journey of Life Church continues.


Both Pastors Scotty and Susan have studies posted in our Manthano Library.

To view their studies click these links:   Scott Howard      Susan Howard

Pastor Dick Braswell has studies posted in the Manthano Library also.

To view his studies click this link:  Dick Braswell

The family of Johnny and Ruth Ann Holland had the privilege of being members of this wonderful ministry for 24 years until being led by the Holy Spirit to move into a new season of ministry with Surge Church of Mobile.

Bless Ministries Mobile USA continues to pray for the entire ministry of Life Church.  We will always support their vision as leaders of spiritual renewal and manifestations of the power of God through the Holy Spirit.

Please take the time and look at their website:

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