Bishop Marabu Handson, his wife Elizabeth and their children.  

Bless Ministries Church of Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya

Bishop Marabu Handson has built a strong ministry in just over thirteen years.  Establishing a church, orphanage, and church planting ministry throughout Kenya that extends into Tanzania, Uganda, and the Congo.  His ministry has reached hundreds of people, showing them how they can raise above the stigma that you can't do anything, and he is showing the people of Africa you can do all things through Christ Jesus.

Much of Bishop Handson's vision for ministry comes from his passion to see people become enthusiastic about the Kingdom of God and how this can change the despair most people in Africa live under.  His positive leadership motivates all of his staff and organization to show excitement in ministry.   This passion generates ministry to press out beyond the local church and as he says it, "Visit every nook and corners of  East Africa villages and promote the Gospel to every perishing soul."  The ministry now has over fifty branch churches.

A most recent trips to give support and encouragement to branch churches was to the Bless Ministries Church in Umoja Three Branch, Kenya, with Pastor Nicodemus Migiro; who in the far back middle of this picture.

The Heart of Mercy Orphanage     

One of their greatest achievements is the Heart of Mercy Orphanage. 

This is a non-profit center that provides for the basic needs of approximately 80 children who live on-site, and offers support for approximately 20 more who can be integrated back into their local homes.

Click on this link to view their website for more detailed information:  Heart of Mercy Orphanage

Bishop Handson has a vision that will meet the needs for the street children and many orphans that are either homeless or brought to the doors of children's homes because of disease due to poverty.  They need basic education to overcome poverty and rise above the expected outcome of their society.  They need love and protection while receiving positive life experiences to rehabilitate them from the street life style.   This must be followed up with higher levels of education in colleges or universities.  The Heart of Mercy Project that Bless Ministries Church of Nairobi has in place is building this vision.  Bishop Handson and his team of enthusiastic ministers, teachers, and workers are changing the dynamics of children in Southeastern Africa.

Their goal is to eventually build schools and colleges to support every level of education.  The Heart of Mercy Project is working to make small business opportunities available so the education people receive can produce an income for their future and raise them above poverty.

If your heart is touched by this powerful ministry and you would like to help Bishop Handson in his vision, please make a donation by clicking the donate button.  Your donation will go to the Bless Ministries Church of Nairobi. 

Please remember to pray for them as they continue reaching the people of Africa.

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