I am Markson Nyangaresi Nyamani, the pastor of the Full Gospel Church of Kisii Kenya.  I am a Spirit filled believer that is very passionate about seeking the will of God and glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I use the gifts he has given me to build up and encourage the Body of Christ around the world.  I am married and we are blessed to have two children.

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Full Gospel Church of Kisii

Kisii, Kenya


I was born into a family with traditional and cultural values inside Christianity.  By the time I was fifteen years old I was ministering through gospel music.  I became concerned for the people in our village because most of them were drinking alcohol and lived evil lifestyles.  Many of them died of AIDS leaving their children without parents to care from them.  These lifestyles deeply affected our community where nobody wanted to hear things from the Word of God.  In my frustration I started praying for the people that God would save them from their sins and evil ways.  I started teaching the Word of God house to house hoping that God would reveal himself to my community and enlighten the people who He is. 

We started a church with twelve members under the shade trees.  God has been so faithful to His covenant for His people and now we have fifty-eight members.  I am aggressively teaching them about the things of God and the work of the Holy Spirit.  We are in desperate need of Bibles and spiritual materials for we have only six Bibles to use among all of our members.

We are building our ministry according the Mark 16:15 and 17, going into all the world, preaching the gospel to every creature, showing signs and wonders of the Lord Jesus Christ for the things that we believe.

With great joy we are blessed to be a partner with Bless Ministries Mobile USA who is helping us to fulfill our purpose for the kingdom of heaven and the glory of the almighty God!

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