Glorious Fellowship Ministry

Nairobi, Kenya

Matthew Ongwenyi Moses was born the second child of nine to a Pentecostal Church pastor and his wife.  At the age of thirteen years old Matthew was attending a local church crusade when he received Jesus as his Savior.  While in high school Matthew developed a passion of telling people about the love of Christ.  After his graduation from high school he started having open air meetings as he continued telling about the love of God.

​His need for employment required Matthew to move to Nairobe were expensive housing left him living in the slums.  Life there was hard as he witnessed people in some of their worst conditions.  Drinking, prostitution, murder and all types of evil was the lifestyle.  This caused him to have a deeper passion for the people who had no hope.  Matthew started sharing the love of God to his neighbors and some of them responded to the gospel.  This developed into his first church as a minister.  Matthew was ordained by the ministry of Bishop Wilson Mamboleo of Kenya.

While ministering in his community Matthew met Annah Mutindi who became his wife in December 1999.  They started having children the next year when their daughter Mercy Kerubo was born.  They also have a daughters Phoebe Nyaboke and Happiness Kwamboka

Their ministry is called Glorious Fellowship Ministry which is an independent ministry endorsed by Bless Ministries Mobile USA as partners in ministry.  They have four churches: two in the slums of Nairobi, and two in the rural areas.  The  pastors work under Pastor Matthew Ongwenyi's leadership as they continue to grow more churches and train pastors in their ministry school which now has sixteen students.  It is Pastor Matthew's desire to see the ministry school become accredited someday.

They continue having open air meetings that is bringing the gospel to the slums of Nairobi as well as the rural areas. Their passion for people who have not been exposed to the truths of Jesus Christ motivates the Glorious Fellowship Ministry of Nairobi to never give up having the open air meetings.

Helping ministry around the world to become established is very important to us as partners.  We endorse and sponsor ministries and we license ministers to help them become established ministries in there  communities.  Our letters of sponsorship and certificates of licenses identify these ministries as partners with Bless Ministries Mobile USA and gives them documents they can use to register with their local governments.  These are the recipients of the Glorious Fellowship Ministry.

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Most of all remember to pray for them.